Chemical Dispensers Deliver Sustainability Across All Sectors

With the growing awareness of resource scarcity and waste, companies are under increasing pressure to analyse their operational processes to focus on improving sustainability. As well as delivering the benefits of cost savings, there is a need to respond to the expectation from customers that any company they do business with should have a responsible approach toward resources. This is explicit in how a company deals with issues such as waste water and the broader impact of their carbon footprint. Also, any process that involves chemicals has an extra dimension which directs more acute perceptions toward workforce safety and that of the wider community in which the company operates.

Moving to a more sustainable approach

The decision to install a chemical dispensing system is in itself a significant move toward a more sustainable approach. Substantial gains in safety, operating costs and sustainability, as well as increased productivity, are the attractive trade-off for what in context may be a significant initial capital investment. A sophisticated chemical dispenser is essential for the financial control and reduction in TCO it provides. To further a laundry’s commitment to the environment, managers should look for a system that helps save water and energy by reducing rewash rates, while measuring water and chemical consumed.

Consistency and accuracy from automatic dilution eliminates issues with manual dispensing. Chemical wastage is minimised and dumping of potentially hazardous chemicals in water supplies prevented, protecting a company’s reputation. According to the Dispensing Equipment Alliance (DEA), a closed dispensing system can save up to 99.9 percent of waste packaging compared to ready-to-use (RTU) product packaging, which would end up in landfills. Greenhouse gasses are also reduced as less fuel is required shipping chemicals in concentrate form than with heavy RTU products. As much as 90 percent of RTU cleaning products is water which creates considerable transport costs.

Concentrate, then go with the flow

Dispensing systems cut out unnecessary waste, support profitability and offer a positive differential for potential customers. Research from Kline & Company details that 95 percent of commercial laundries look for green products and services to appeal to customers. Water scarcity from population pressures and climate change are also now impacting developed countries, where previously water supply might have been taken for granted.

Companies need to implement innovative systems to reduce water usage and to ensure that any waste water is dealt with far more efficiently.Most advanced dosing systems are now built with eductors that protect against hazardous substances from entering the water system.

The shift toward concentrated chemicals has also been significant in tackling waste. Hydro’s innovative EvoOne push pump chemical dosing unit, has been an industry driver, reflecting the move toward even higher “Super” concentrated chemicals. Concentrated chemicals are also available in larger containers to lower their carbon footprint.

Waste reduced with warewash

Warewash is also benefiting from Hydro’s latest technology. The EvoWash is a powder/solid detergent dissolver with an integrated control unit which allows programming to promote safe and economical use. A rinse saver feature prevents rinse additive waste and a descale mode allows for safe washer cleaning.

The EvoRinse is the next evolution, allowing customers to extend the benefits of a full solid offering of detergent and rinse aid – which is much easier to transport, handle and store – to more of their kitchen clients. The EvoRinse has an integrated reservoir which holds the minimal amount of diluted rinse chemical to efficiently prevent any wastage.

Whatever the sector, there is a chemical dispenser available to keep costs down and help reduce water, energy, and chemical waste to contribute significantly to enhancing sustainability.

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