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Hello, I’m Jackie Pesal and together with Scott Campbell, Product Management Director at Hydro, we will discuss some of the know-how and experience Scott has picked up along his career in the cleaning industry. We’ll discuss over the next few weeks some topics, technologies and trends we see with the janitorial and sanitation industries. We think you’ll gain some nuggets to help you to become the hero in your organization. Follow us as we regularly tackle many of the pain points that keep people in the industry up at night.


To kick things off, Scott, what is a quick tip customers can implement immediately in their chemical distribution systems?


Thanks for the great intro, Jackie. As you know there is a broad range of chemicals needed and used in the janitorial and sanitation industries. Many of those chemicals need to be diluted and delivered efficiently to clean or sanitize properly. For example, sanitizers need to be diluted down below 500-to-1 in some cases. Individuals using traditional venturi tips cannot reach the correct dilution of the chemicals. Hydro identified this common challenge and developed a wide range of Ultra-Lean Dilution (ULD) systems for leaner dilutions.


What should people know about the different chemical concentrations out there?


Very concentrated chemicals create compatibility challenges with many fluid distribution components. Traditional venturi tips can become clogged over time due to the presence of dirt in the environment or the dispensing chemistry. Also, many of the concentrated chemistries are very aggressive and adversely affect your dilution performance. Just look at foot valves. A foot valve sits directly in chemical concentrations where the wire mesh can disintegrate over time. Hydro recognized this point of failure and has designed foot valves without the failing wire meshes. By updating this flawed component, Hydro has improved chemical compatibility capabilities and overall performance  ULD’s are also available for use of chemical dispensers in place of tips. The ULD’s allow the user to reach much leaner dilutions even as low as 3000:1 based on chemical viscosities. ULD’s feature a larger thruhole that cuts down on debris from clogging it. The circuitous paths featured by ULD’s allow for leaner performance, too.


Thank you for that, Scott. Outlining the different options available to show how equipment performs better when introduced to different chemistries is a great takeaway. Hydro offers many solutions to improve the functionality of dilution systems. If you’d like to learn more about Hydro’s industry solutions, follow along as we take more deep dives like this. We’ll also be at the ISSA 2022 Show hanging out at Hydro’s booth #1307 if you’d like to stop by and ask us any follow up questions.

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