Hydro Systems highlights IoT benefits

AS the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to transform a wide range of sectors and processes, it’s increasingly important that businesses harness the full benefits of connectivity. With this in mind, Hydro Systems has highlighted the benefits facilities can realise with an IoT-enabled chemical dispenser.

“Accessing data about your business is incredibly powerful,” said John Goetz, global product manager, Hydro Systems. “Pinpointing operational processes that are underperforming, supporting predictive maintenance and enhancing your commitment to sustainability are crucial to drive the efficiencies required to remain competitive.”

According to Hydro Systems, connected chemical dispensers offer numerous advantages, including:

• Enhancing sustainability efforts: it can be challenging to quantify environmental progress. Smart chemical dispensers help achieve this by providing useful sustainability data.
• Protecting the bottom line: a connected chemical dispenser provides washer status, alerts and key productivity metrics in real-time for laundry operations. The same goes for restaurants that can keep an eye on warewashing by proactively identifying inefficiencies to protect profits.
• Safeguarding compliance: data can highlight any breaches of compliance ranges, such as dishwashing temperatures that are critical for sanitation. This enables rapid implementation of changes to return a restaurant to required compliance zones.
• Reducing downtime: when equipment breaks down, it requires expensive repair or replacement, and also results in costly downtime. Regular data review can help highlight inconsistencies. These can alert to conditions negatively impacting equipment, which could potentially develop into a bigger problem in the future.

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