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Scott Campbell, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems

The chemical dispenser is an innovation that has truly transformed the process of cleaning in commercial facilities. Gone are the days of the “glug glug” method that led to chemical overuse, spills that can cause slip-and-fall accidents and injuries, and improper concentrations that yield poor cleaning results. Dispensing equipment brings greater accuracy and consistency to cleaning, which in turn makes environments like schools, retail stores, restaurants and airports safer. Read on to learn more about the specific benefits of dispensers and the top do’s and don’ts that will ensure successful implementation and use of these tools.

Benefits of Chemical Dispensers

  • Chemical dispensers offer numerous advantages for facility managers and their employees, including:Enhanced safety – Chemical dispensers take the responsibility of mixing chemicals off employees’ to-do lists and keep chemical safely enclosed until it is ready to use. Eliminating the need to mix chemicals removes the risk of employees accidentally combining incompatible chemicals together that may cause negative reactions and physical injuries.
  • Improved accuracy – Chemical dispensers are specifically designed to properly dilute cleaning chemicals so they perform as intended. In other words, accuracy helps cleaners remove surface soils and disinfectants and sanitizers kill, inactivate or lower the number of pathogens on a surface. Well-designed dispensers can also make necessary adjustments when water pressure shifts to uphold accuracy.
  • Greater reliability – With high-quality equipment in place that is tested and proven to perform, managers can be confident that their employees have easy access to the most effective cleaning solutions to complete their tasks.
  • Lower cleaning costs – By automating and standardizing the way that cleaning is done, dispensers allow staff to perform the more frequent cleaning we’ve all come to expect without just throwing labour at tasks or compromising quality.

Successful Use of Dispensers

Consider the below do’s and don’ts to make the most of dispensers in your operation:

  • DO select systems that are easy to use and maintain – Installing intuitive dispensing systems will encourage employees to use the equipment more regularly, resulting in cleaner facilities. Look for systems with straightforward design and controls, including those that explicitly outline through icons which type of container the chemical and water mixture is to be dispensed into. Additionally, opt for units that lower the cost of maintenance, such as those that eliminate squeeze tubes in the laundry, or those that can be installed quickly and efficiently in the kitchen and facility.
  • DON’T forget to conduct training – While you should choose systems that are straightforward and simple to use, it’s still necessary to conduct training with employees who will need to rely on this equipment to complete their cleaning tasks. Be sure that employees know which solutions are housed in dispensers, which surfaces these solutions can be used upon, how to troubleshoot minor maintenance issues that may occur and how to read the indicators on chemical containers. This will reduce errors, like over and underdosing, and lapses in cleanliness that can negatively impact customer satisfaction.
  • DO incorporate handheld solutions – Handheld dispensers and foamers/sprayers allow for quick and easy cleaning and disinfecting in key areas such as restrooms. Accomplishing a thorough clean, especially in in high-traffic spaces, is essential for reducing the spread of germs and exceeding guest expectations.
  • DON’T ignore system maintenance – It’s important to keep dispensers in good working order so they are always ready to use when cleaning needs to be completed. During the pandemic, many facilities have had to endure short-term or even long-term closures. Upon reopening, dispensers may need extra attention after this downtime. Review our startup recommendations for Hydro Multi-Washer Dispensers, EvoClean Laundry Dispensersand Peristaltic Dispensers.
  • DO keep multiple chemicals on site – It’s likely that maintaining your facility will require the use of several different chemicals. Look for a dispenser like AccuMax or AccuMax 4P that can house numerous chemicals in one compact unit and manage their different dilution rates with ease.

Keeping Environments Clean

Without chemical dispensers, there would be much more responsibility and risk placed on those who conduct cleaning. By simplifying and enhancing the safety of the cleaning process, dispensers save facility managers and their teams time while also reducing costs associated with the overuse of chemicals, injuries and lapses in cleanliness that can lead to infectious outbreaks and reputational damage. By understanding the above do’s and don’ts of dispensing, organizations can successfully maintain clean environments for their customers and employees.

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