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It’s Jackie back again talking pumps with Scott Campbell, Product Management Director at Hydro. When it comes to chemical dispensing equipment, it is painful waiting for your auto scrubbers to refill. Scott, what do customers tell you about this common problem?


You’re 100% right, Jackie. Our customers tell us that legacy chemical dispensing equipment is slow to refill once chemicals get low on auto scrubbers. Auto scrubber tanks can hold as much as 80 gallons or equivalent to 300 liters. Some customers report it takes up to 20 minutes just to top off their auto scrubber chemical reservoirs with traditional chemical dispensing equipment.


Yikes. That’s a lot of time lost that could be used in a more productive way.


That’s why Hydro offers a product called RapidFill that can dial in the right dilution to the auto scrubber in a quarter of the time compared to legacy equipment. This wall-mounted water-driven pump can significantly decrease filling time by delivering 15 GPM of chemical/water mixture.


So with this unit installed, janitorial staff can quickly refill auto washers from a centrally located pumping station so they can move on to their next job more rapidly.


Yes, installation of the RapidFill can assure your staff delivers the correct dilutions of chemicals for the auto washer. The RapidFill delivers exact dilution ratios of 1:20 to 1:1000 depending on the chemical dosing needed. Not only do you get the right dilutions, but the cabinet housing the chemicals is locked to prevent unauthorized adjustments to the dilution ratio.


RapidFill sounds like a great way to quickly return auto scrubbers back into action after running out of chemicals. No more waiting forever to get back to the job at hand. Do you have a question about auto scrubber refilling efficiencies and Hydro’s RapidFill? Don’t wait to get an answer. Contact us directly or visit us at the 2022 ISSA show booth #1307 in Chicago, October 10-13.

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