Troubleshooting Dispensers after Downtime

By: John Goetz, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems

Following months of temporary building closures and reduced foot traffic in essential facilities during stay-at-home orders, many businesses are creating plans for reopening and others have already welcomed back customers and employees. While many owners and managers have given careful thought to social distancing guidelines, enhanced cleaning procedures and even contact tracing, there is one area they may overlook. Especially for buildings that closed at the height of the novel coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that their dispensers have gone unused for months. What are the necessary steps for getting this essential equipment running smoothly? Let’s take a closer look.

The Benefits of Functioning Equipment

At a time when everyone is hypersensitive to cleanliness – of surfaces, dishes, bedsheets, etc. – it’s essential that facilities have dispensers in place to accurately dilute chemicals. Proper dilutions maximize the efficacy of cleaning solutions, help achieve compliance and reduce the need to reclean, which can use up valuable resources like water, energy and labor. Cleaner facilities, dishes and linens help reduce the spread of potentially harmful pathogens, like the novel coronavirus.

It’s important to select reliable equipment that is easy to install and maintain. Functioning equipment that is easy to keep in good working order helps businesses avoid downtime and lapses in cleanliness standards. It also reduces costly repairs and replacements that can disrupt essential processes for hours, days or even weeks.

Despite taking care to select high-quality equipment, you may find that your dispenser needs a bit of attention following weeks or months of little to no use. Getting this equipment back to peak performance is key for keeping your business running smoothly.

Checklist for Successful Dispensing

To ensure your equipment is ready for reopening and continued use, access our startup recommendations for a variety of dispensers:

A Closer Focus on Cleanliness

Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, long-term care facility or another business altogether, it’s important to understand the importance of maintaining clean environments. Dispensers help organizations achieve dishwashing and laundry compliance while also making cleaning a safer, consistent and efficient process. By adhering to the above checklist, you can troubleshoot any issues that your dispensing equipment has encountered due to reduced use over the last several months. With equipment in good working order, your facility will be better prepared to meet the new standard of cleanliness that customers, occupants, residents and even employees now expect.

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