The Importance of Good Chemistry

Good chemistry is fundamental to successful dilution and dispensing. Consistent accuracy of dosing is why customers can confidently rely upon Hydro’s dispensers. This long term trust is built upon the foundations of our initial testing regime.

Chemical compatibility is a key requirement. Typically our customers send the chemicals they want to put through their choice of dispenser, then we carry out some accelerated lifetime testing.

Taking the EvoClean as an example, our process is to put chemicals through at a range of temperatures – an industry standard process – to establish the effect of the chemicals over a number of years. From this, we effectively customise the unit – either creating or offering customers a system matched to their chemical design. It’s a very transparent process.

We routinely share the science and send a report with the test results back to the customer.

Part of this process is about ensuring the right materials are used in the dispenser. Different materials are available for different chemicals. Hydro have a list of 18 potential options for materials we can use for the various parts and this even includes the little ball within the check valve.

Flushed for success

We produce a huge range of check valves, which effectively is the part of the unit which is open to the chemical. Another key piece of design in the EvoClean is the integrated flush manifold. Every time we take chemical from the drum, we flush it through with water. Any chemical remaining in contact with any of the plastics or seals is washed out in every operation, which reduces the chance of chemical attack.

The integrated flush manifold ensures the unit is inherently safe. There is no chemical mixing, or any chance of residual chemicals mixing – both of which can create problems. Knowing that Hydro produce such dosing accuracy allows our customers to approach their chemical design with more confidence. It also moves the industry on, allowing for a broader consideration of the relationship between the chemicals, the dosing system and ultimately the effects on the laundry.

The company you keep

Hydro actively encourage customers to trial dispensing units. This is part of the process of building confidence in the system, while also building confidence with customers in our expertise and that of the team which is supporting them. This process then continues across installation training and in communicating the commercial benefits available from their choice of Hydro. In conjunction with a customer’s marketing team, or whoever is responsible for chemicals in the laundry, we analyse costs and the total value that they can see a return on.

Companies move from chemical manufacturers because they aren’t getting the desired results. This may be due to a poor mix of chemicals, but sometimes it can be the inaccuracy of the dosing. Matching the chemicals delivers absolute certainty with accuracy, ensuring the formulas they have designed for the laundry are appropriate.

This also provides clarity. If one of their customers claims that they are not obtaining results, they can then be pretty certain that the issue is with the customer’s operations. They may have got new staff and the training is not up to scratch; or perhaps they’re accelerating the wash cycle on the machines to try and get more laundry through? This clarity also means that chemical manufacturers can adopt a more consultative approach, avoiding any need to be on the defensive. Hydro empower manufacturers to take more control. The focus can then shift to improving not just the laundry formula, but the laundry process – and Hydro have skilled engineers and application engineers who will support this.

Shifting chemistry

Hydro are also helping to change the emphasis of diluting cleaning chemical in kitchen and housekeeping applications. The introduction of the innovative EvoOne push pump chemical dosing unit is an industry driver, reflecting the move toward high super concentrated chemicals. Premium seals and high quality tubing are incorporated to cope with these more aggressive chemicals and a viscous chemical kit is also an available option. Unlike other technology, the EvoOne dispenser does not require a water line connection, yet the unit can still work with the same chemistry.

Many chemical manufacturers are moving towards sustainability, with products which are designed to be more environmentally friendly. Hydro’s strengths in dosing accuracy and chemical compatibility are reliable and effective allies for their ambitions. With Hydro’s support our customers have the ability to hone their processes by taking one of the key variables out of the dispensing equation.

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