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Innovation is so important to the success and trajectory of organizations, yet few develop necessary innovation strategies. Not all ideas are destined for greatness, but a business can limit the risk of failure when it defines objectives, tactics and potential challenges around innovation.

Aligning all internal groups, like marketing, customer service and R&D, is the first step. This helps you determine how to market the innovation, gain a firm grasp of customer pain points and understand the current state of the industry and emerging technology that can be utilized.

When your innovation is ready for its debut, it’s important to determine the right time 

and place to introduce it to the world. Last month, Hydro Systems exhibited at Interclean Amsterdam, a cleaning industry event that welcomes 30,000 professionals every two years. Even more so than in years past, the 2018 show had a strong focus on technology and new ideas, with robotic machines and Internet of Things-powered solutions like Hydro’s Dositec Electromagnetic System, taking center stage and capturing the attention of attendees.

Although the cleaning industry has been slower to change than others, it’s not immune to innovation. In fact, we’re on the cusp of immense possibility, with remote monitoring capabilities giving facility managers greater transparency and actionable insight that improves their operations. What was once imagination is coming to fruition in the form of connected dispensers, machines and tools. None of these countless innovations would have been possible without a strong innovation strategy and a dedicated team open to collaboration.

Is your business prepared for technological transformation? Do you have an innovation strategy in place to ensure invention remains at the forefront? Share your thoughts with me on LinkedIn or via email at

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