Use the laundry system that saves both water and chemicals!

Smart Dosing Systems Save Water, Chemicals and Money for OPL Laundry

Hydro Systems’ Smart Dosing System is a total chemical management system that automatically ensures the proper amount of laundry chemicals are added to match the actual load size. Paired with Electrolux Professional Washers, both chemical and water are measured accurately and adjusted to the amount of laundry that is loaded into the washer. This process ensures consistent cleaning results and significantly reduces linen wear. Linen will look “newer” longer.

So how does it work? At the beginning of each cycle, the Automatic Water Savings (AWS), a standard feature on all Compass Control wash programs, determines the linen weight and adds the correct amount of water necessary for the particular cleaning process. The Smart Dosing System then allows the washer and the detergent dispensers to communicate with each other and calculates the precise amount of detergent based on the linen weight and the selected wash program. And with customized options available for usage across various laundry segments, the results are considerable cost savings on water, energy and up to 20% savings on detergent.

Pouring money down the drain

Overdosing of detergent is more often the rule than the exception and traditional systems work on the assumption that the machine is always loaded to its nominal capacity. When too much chemical is used in an undersized load it has multiple consequences. Chemical is wasted, which is bad for the environment. Too much soap also leaves your laundry stiff and full of sticky soap residue. Textile strength is compromised and it can also lead to skin irritation.

In reality we know that this does not always happen and under loading of the machine is quite common. In most cases, information about linen weight isn’t transferred to the dosing system so consequently, chemicals aren’t dosed correctly, resulting in damaged linen and higher costs.

Wasting water

Water shortages and droughts are more and more prevalent, water is a limited, scarce resource. Upgrading to a modern system that adjusts the water input based on load size is a must to preserve our water resources.

Water is so scarce in places such as Sacramento, California, that they are now offering a $400 credit for commercial high efficiency clothes washers. This rebate is being offered through California American Water.

Smart Dosing System Case Study

California Super 8 delivers on green promise with PLUS, a unique pay-per-use laundry system (Article from American Laundry News)

In the hospitality business, many owners see only two worlds to spend money: the front of the house – amenities and features that attract and cater to guests; and that other land known as the back of the house. Most owners place these worlds in different galaxies. Raakesh Patel is not like most owners.

His Super 8 Ukiah, California property strikes a true balance between the two worlds. Indeed, Patel sees things differently, and the primary color he is focused on is green. It’s his passion to show others how eco-friendly lodging makes both sense and cents.

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