Case Study: Gills Car Wash Achieves a Superior Clean with HydroMinder Dispenser from Hydro Systems



Founded in 1993, Gilligan Oil Company (GOCO) has since grown into an organization with over 90 locations and 2,000 employees. Gills Car Wash in Cincinnati is one such location that is dedicated to upholding GOCO’s standards of excellence to drive customer satisfaction, even in the face of the car wash industry’s many challenges.

“On a daily basis, car wash operators are faced with overseeing quality control, customer relations, employee management, equipment maintenance and more,” said Jon Goebel, General Manager, Gills Car Wash. “These issues require constant involvement with the business, so being a multi-tasker is an absolute necessity.”

When a car wash’s equipment malfunctions or doesn’t perform as expected, it causes major headaches, lost revenue and negative customer feedback. To enhance the level and consistency of cleanliness it delivers to customers, Gills Car Wash sought new, reliable equipment to test out and potentially install on a permanent basis.


Today, many car wash operators are realizing the benefits that reliable and accurate equipment, including chemical dispensers, can provide. According to Goebel, “Investing in higher quality equipment is worth its weight in gold. Being open to outside vendors and products has allowed us to truly find the best our industry has to offer.”

Hydro Systems, a world leader in delivering chemical dispensing and dosing solutions, offers the HydroMinder WDP for car wash operations. Intrigued by the equipment, Gills Car Wash installed this water-driven pump to determine how this solution could positively impact its business.


Following a successful installation and trial period, Gills Car Wash is still using the HydroMinder WDP, which Goebel says “works like a charm” and “is a superior product.”

The benefits of HydroMinder WDP include:

  • Consistent cleanliness that drives customer satisfaction

Goebel comments that HydroMinder’s “functionality is optimized for high-volume tunnels like our own.” The car wash uses HydroMinder WDP to supply hot wax to its bubblizer arch, noting that it works better than the previous pump because it pumps faster and blends the product more consistently. Even application of the product leads to a better visual for drivers and cleaner cars, supporting customer satisfaction.

  • Compatibility with numerous chemicals

Because its seals are compatible with neutral, acid- and alkaline-based car wash chemistries, HydroMinder WDP can withstand solutions with differing pH levels over time. These include sealer, protectant, drying agent, detergent, conditioner and more.

  • Less maintenance –

HydroMinder WDP can run for 62 million cycles before maintenance is needed. Adds Goebel, “Knowing that you can trust your equipment allows for one less distraction each day.” HydroMinder WDP also eliminates the common issue of clogged tips, which result in a subpar wash that can negatively impact productivity and profitability, especially if rewash is required.

  • A competitive edge –

Competition is typically high among car wash operators, which compete on price and quality. Says Goebel, “With a top 15 nationwide chain less than a mile from our location, we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our wash.” HydroMinder WDP helps Gills Car Wash secure repeat business and new customers by delivering the same standard of cleanliness each and every time.

“I’m very happy with our WDP from Hydro Systems. If fellow car wash operators are looking for a dispenser upgrade or replacement, HydroMinder WDP is a great solution,” added Goebel.

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