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While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, one thing remains certain: cleanliness is crucial in commercial facilities. Facility managers and building service contractors are looking for the most effective and sustainable ways to clean without sacrificing worker safety or their bottom line. Portable dispensers are the handheld solution to this problem, offering a low-cost and easy way to disinfect large areas.  

Maintaining Consistent Cleanliness

Retail stores, restaurants, airports, schools, hotels and more are all open to the public and are part of our daily lives, which is why keeping these facilities clean is of utmost importance. Cleanliness is equally important to those who work in these buildings. Meanwhile, cleanliness in commercial offices remains a priority for those returning to on-site work.

In a study of 1,600 people by the Cleaning Coalition of America, both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers claimed to value enhanced cleaning of the workplace, saying they feel safer seeing professional cleaners working on-site. 

The majority, 93.4% of vaccinated respondents and 82.2% of unvaccinated respondents, claimed workplace cleaning protocols were crucial to employees returning to the office, and 77.2% of workers want the workplace cleaned on a daily basis.

Facility cleanliness is also important for protecting a business’ reputation. In a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, 74% said dirty restrooms would cause a negative perception toward a business. Additionally, 68% of Americans cite dirty floors and 57% cite dirty building entryways for negative perceptions of a business.

Unfortunately, many businesses continue to struggle to find employees, including cleaning professionals. In a poll, 60% of small businesses reported being unable to fill positions. With fewer staff, employees are being tasked with more responsibilities and need a quick yet effective way to maintain cleanliness.

Making Chemical Dilution a Portable Process

Facility managers are turning to cleaning solutions that enable them to clean and disinfect surfaces more easily, including portable dispensing and foaming tools.  

Handheld dispensers are low-cost and portable, accurately diluting concentrated cleaning products to fill mop buckets, sinks, floor scrubbers and other containers. These feature a tether design that allows users to connect the dispenser to containers of any size or with any thread. They can go wherever a water source is available. Meanwhile, portable foamers/sprayers enable easy application of chemicals over large areas.

Handheld dispensers and foamers/sprayers offer several benefits, including:

  • Accurate dilutions ensure chemicals are used at the proper concentration
  • Enhanced flexibility and easy transportation anywhere necessary
  • Ability to address large areas thoroughly
  • Increased surface contact time with the cleaning product that’s visible enough to ensure complete coverage
  • Less chemical usage reduces waste
  • No risk of damage, unlike high-pressure cleaning products

Maintaining Cleanliness, the Portable Way

Maintaining cleanliness must remain a priority for commercial facilities. Ensuring that cleaning is being implemented in the most effective and cost-effective way is also key. Doing so will improve the morale, health and safety of those using these facilities, as well as brand reputation. During this trying time, it’s only logical to make cleaning processes as efficient as possible, which is why handheld dispensers and portable foamers/sprayers are essential tools.

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