RiteFlex Foamer/Sprayer

Venturi Dispenser, portable unit, 1 Chemistry w/ 1 Dispenser

Hydro’s patent pending, handheld RiteFlex Foamer/Sprayer offers a low-cost, portable means of foaming and spraying chemicals over large areas. Its unique tether design allows you to connect the dispenser to containers of any size or with any thread. RiteFlex goes wherever you can find a water source, and it eliminates the need to hold the weight of the container.


Foaming and Spraying Chemical Delivery 

Utilizes Hydro Systems tips that allow for up to 20% better dilution accuracy.

Mobility feature eliminates installation costs

Reduces the cost of ownership since the equipment is manufactured from chemically compatible materials

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Utilizes Hydro Systems standard tips that allow for up to 20% better dilution accuracy

The use of standard Hydro Systems metering tips allow for more accurate dilution performance that results in more accurate chemical usage. Other products will result in more chemistry than what is needed resulting in wasted chemistry or not enough chemistry is used resulting in the need to reclean.

Mobility feature of the unit eliminates installation costs

Installation of traditional chemical dilution equipment requires a certified installer in many cases as well as installation tools. Since Riteflex is a handheld, mobile product that accompanies the chemical container wherever it needs to go, you save money on expensive installation costs.

Chemical compatibility with a wide range of chemicals

Reduces the cost of ownership since RiteFlex features surfaces that come into contact with dispensed chemistries that are highly resistant. As a result, RiteFlex will operate for a very long time before maintenance is required.

Part No.Description
HYDRF100RFSRC/HYDRF100FSRDRiteFlex Foamer and Sprayer Single Flow, Direct Connect
HYDRF100FSRiteFlex Foamer and Sprayer Single Flow, Tether Connect

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Common Questions

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Yes. RiteFlex dispensers are available in single flow and dual flow designs.


Yes. The locking feature is on the trigger.

RiteFlex can either attach directly to the handle of a bottle or there is a tether that can be placed into the chemical bottle for chemical pick-up.

RiteFlex dispensers come standard with a quick connect/disconnect water connection.

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