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The MiniDos 10% Injector For Metal Processing Applications

(Part 1)

The MiniDos 10% Proportional Injector from Hydro Systems takes the guesswork out of achieving precise coolant dosage and flow rates in critical metal-working processes.

When you consider the world of heavy-duty industrial manufacturing, the last words that probably come to mind are “delicate” and “precise.” After all, this is a world of large, hulking machines, noise, pounding and flying sparks. Many of these critical industrial-manufacturing operations require metal-working and processing at some point in the production chain. Some basic operations within the metal-working realm include the cutting, tapping, grinding, stamping and drilling of pieces of steel.

Reliable, Cost Effective-Injectors

It is imperative that these operations are performed reliably and cost-effectively, with no damage done to the manufacturing equipment or imperfections found in the final product. With many manufacturers facing increased competition from overseas companies, finding this balance can be easier said than done as they are under constant pressure to streamline their operations as a way to deliver maximized productivity with decreased operating and material costs. This means they must incorporate systems that possess the reliability and durability to perform successfully without any loss of materials or the incursion of time- and money-sapping maintenance and downtime.

Allen Banks of Master Chemical Corporation

Allen Banks is a Service Engineer with Master Chemical Corporation, Perrysburg, OH, which is a manufacturer of coolants, cleaners, rust preventatives and straight oils for use in metal-working equipment. The service he provides his clients is driven by one overriding motivation: “We try to solve problems and make the systems as automated and consistent as possible; in manufacturing, the last thing you want is an uncontrolled variable,” he explained.

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