Understanding Your Laundry Application

Conducting a Site Survey

During the process of a selling a laundry facility on your chemical program, and prior to installation, sufficient time should be taken to ask the right questions in order to complete a thorough site survey. This can help ensure you capture exactly what is happening at a laundry facility, whether it is an OPL or Commercial laundry site. A site survey can also help identify the right dispensing equipment needs for the laundry, the appropriate size of the chemical delivery pumps, and what hardware will be needed to guarantee a smooth installation and transition for your new customer. What kinds of questions are you asking? Are they the right ones?

Take the washing machines for example. It is one of the most integral parts of the washing process. Remember the laundry cleaning pie…Time, Temperature, Chemical, and Mechanical Action? Of the four part of the cleaning pie, three are directly associated with washing machines…Time, Temperature, and Mechanical Action. With that said, here is a sampling of questions which can be used to uncover potential savings opportunities and/or roadblocks before you install the account.

Get a leg up on your competition and use these questions and answers as an opportunity to “consult” with your customers.

10 Questions to Ask Before Installation

  • Are there any components on the machine which don’t work? If so, what? Why?
  • Are there enough “working” signals for your pump stand?
  • What is the output voltage of the machine signals?
  • When was the last time the water levels were checked or calibrated?
  • Are the drain valve(s) working properly with no leaks?
  • Are the water valves or steam valves working properly with no leaks?
  • What is the current hot water temp at the heater? At the machine?
  • How many formulas does the microprocessor hold?
  • What is the load size for each classification loaded into the machines? Are the classifications weighed?
  • Is there anything special/different about the way this machine operates which I should be aware of?

Information Sources

By utilizing the best information sources available, valuable data can be uncovered which could be used to help improve productivity and efficiencies in the laundry facility and build the foundation for a solid, win-win relationship with your new customers. The information sources I am referring to are Maintenance Engineers, Facility Maintenance Managers, Plant Managers, Wash Aisle Operators, Laundry Room Managers, Housekeeping Supervisors/Managers, etc. These are the individuals or teams of people who understand their facilities best and are closest to the end use applications. Listening to what they have to say will gain their trust, build friendships and allow you to keep their business for a long, long time.

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