Hydro Systems Unveils Improvements to HydroMinder™ Range of Car Wash Dispensers

CINCINNATI – May 25, 2021Hydro Systems, a world leader in delivering chemical dispensing and dosing solutions, today introduced updates to the low pressure float valve of its HydroMinder dispensers for car wash applications. The expanded HydroMinder product offering provides dilution capability down to 2500:1, which allows for the use of increasingly popular ultra concentrates.

“Improving upon HydroMinder’s float valve technology enables us to meet leaner dilutions compared to other solutions on the market today,” said Scott Campbell, global product manager, Hydro Systems. “With more consistent dilution performance, we’re helping car wash operators achieve better results as they continue to adopt super concentrates.”

The new HydroMinder dispensers can be used with car wash chemicals, ranging from low to high pH and those used in different applications such as sealer, protectant, drying agent, detergent, conditioner, etc. By offering unmatched ultra-lean dilution (ULD) technology, the new range eliminates the potential for clogged tips that can hinder productivity.

The expanded product offering also features AccuPro technology that provides more consistent dilution performance when water pressure fluctuations occur. The equipment uses an E-Gap design, meaning that a separate siphon breaker is not needed for operation.

“HydroMinder is a reliable and low-maintenance solution that minimizes downtime,” added Campbell. “We know that car wash system manufacturers, distributors, chemical providers and car wash operators will benefit from these latest improvements.”

In addition to supporting low pressure car washing, Hydro Systems also provides reliable dispensing for medium pressure applications with its HydroMinder WDP (water-driven pump).

For more information, visit https://hydrosystemsco.com/products/hydrominder.

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