AccuMax QDV

Venturi Dispenser, wall mounted on small footprint, Up to 4 Chemistries w/ 1 Dispenser

AccuMax QDV offers a unique way to dispense a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets and other containers, while eliminating the possibility of chemical carryover between products. The system uses patented quad diverter valve technology to channel incoming water to the proper eductor, which meters the appropriate amount of chemical into the water stream.

Available in NA only


Filling Mop Buckets Filling Spray Bottels Filling Sinks Surface Cleaning

Features patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology That Reduces Chemical Consumption by 20%

Allows end user to dilute up to four different chemicals with the same device. Reduction in total cost of ownership by up to 15%.

Allows for use in all locations in North America regardless of local water regulation requirements

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Accuracy matters

Hydro Systems’ patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology comes standard with the 4 product dispenser. AccuPro Technology eliminates dilution variance to ensure your customers are always using the recommended amount of chemical. Facilities are cleaner and safer when chemicals are working properly.

Dilution of multiple chemicals at multiple flow rates with the same equipment reduces ownership costs

By using fewer components to deliver multiple product dilutions and flow rates in the same equipment makes the QDV dispenser an economical choice. Quad diverter valve technology easily identifies product being dispensed to avoid errors.

Helps meet local water regulations

Hydro's QDV equipment comes standard with E-Gap eductor backflow prevention

352414 Low0 High
352212 Low2 High
352313 Low1 High
KeyPart No.Description
1HYD238100Strainer washer
2HYD90096436Kit, Water inlet
3HYD10098831Kit, Cabinet Replacement 3L 1H
 HYD10098832Kit, Cabinet Replacement 2L 2H
 HYD10098833Kit, Cabinet Replacement 4L
4HYD10098574Kit, ASM water valve, spring, magnet
 HYD10075980Kit, water valve parts
5HYD10098573Kit,Pipe plug & o-ring
6HYD10098822Kit, Button replacement
7HYD10098827Kit, selector replacement
8 QDV,3low1
9HYD505808Tube, 1/2“ x 8“
10HYD505806Tube, 1/2“ x 6‘
11HYD10080730Hose hook, dark gray
12HYD10098834Kit, QDV single pick-up assembly

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Water enters the system at varying pressures. Water pressure is regulated at the eductor by the Accupro technology. The regulated water pressure creates a vacuum that draws chemical at the recommended rate that provides for a consistent and expected dilution.

Yes, units are available with eductors that feature different flow rates necessary for different applications.

Yes, please contact the Hydro team to review button color options that are available based on a minimum order quantity. Example button colors are dark blue and dark grey.

Just E-Gap.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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