Venturi Dispenser, small footprint, wall mounted, Up to 1 chemistry w/ 1 Dispenser, AccuPro pressure regulating technology

Among the narrowest chemical dispensers currently offered, AccuMini delivers max benefits in an easy-to-fit solution. Daisy chain five or more AccuMini’s with no additional accessories and no wasted space. The three component system keeps inventories low and makes tool free maintenance quick, requiring no tools to access internal components. AccuMini is the answer to space saving accurate dispensing.


Filling Mop Buckets Filling Spray Bottels Filling Sinks Surface Cleaning

Features patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology That Reduces Chemical Consumption by 20%

Reduced installation footprint compared to other chemical dispensers

Allows for use in all locations in North America regardless of local water regulation requirements

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1) Accuracy matters

Hydro Systems’ patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology delivers 95% accurate dilution and comes standard with AccuMini. AccuPro Technology eliminates dilution variance to ensure your customers are always using the recommended amount of chemical. Facilities are cleaner and safer when chemicals are working properly.

2) Quick and easy maintenance

One-handed, quick and easy maintenance is intuitive and tool free. Three main components: cabinet, button, and water valve manifold simplifies repairs and reduces SKU's to have in inventory.

3) Helps meet local water regulations

Hydro's AccuMini equipment comes standard with E-Gap or Swivel AirGap eductor backflow prevention. Both deliver backflow protection and are ASSE 1055B approved. E-Gap uses an elastomeric sleeve. Swivel AirGap features a Swivel joint for better access and uses a one-inch gap of air between the water source and the chemical inlet.

KeyPart No.Description
1HYD10101300AccuMini button
2HYD10100247AccuMini cover
3HYD10100248AccuMini Rear
4HYD10100286Water Body Assembly
aHose cap
bHose fitting
dWater body
eInlet stem
fInlet collar
gStrainer washer
hmagnet spring
k*diaphragm spring
l*valve bonnet
6 Eductor E-Gap version
 aHYD100888301 GPM eductor - Gray
 bHYD100888403.5 GPM eductor - Yellow
7 Eductor AirGap version
 aHYD100997101 GPM eductor - Gray
 bHYD100997133.5 GPM eductor - Yellow
8HYD10099721Optional Foam Reduction Tube (1 GPM Lowflow AirGap only)
9 1 GPM Outer Discharge Tube
 aHYD10088822E-Gap 1 GPM Discharge Tube
 bHYD10064794AirGap 1 GPM Discharge Tube
10 3.5 GPM Outer Discharge Tube
 aHYD90048495E-Gap 3.5 GPM Discharge Tube
 bHYD505804AirGap 3.5 GPM Discharge Tube
11HYD10077500Angled Barb with Viton O-Ring
12HYD690014Metering tip kit
13HYD500828Tubing 1/4” x 8’
15HYD10089410Footvalve - Viton (EPDM alsoavailable. Order 10076302)
16HYD10080730Hose hook, Dark gray (Standard)
17HYD10098573Optional Kit, Pipe plug & O-ring
* These parts are also included with Valve Parts Kits  (HYD10075980)

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Common Questions

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How much space do I need for three daisy chained units? An area of 31in(squared) (3.9"Wx8"H) for wall space is needed. Daisy chain three unit requires 11.5"W, needing no additional accessories. To save .4" use an optional plug in place of provided water cap. Calculations use optional plug.

It is not recommended to fill two daisy chained containers simultaneously. Doing so can cause water pressure to become dynamic and drop below 40psi. AccuPro delivers 95% dilution accuracy above 40psi water pressure. Fill one container at a time to ensure the most precise dilutions.

Yes, you can. All Hydro Venturi dispensers may be daisy chained together, however some may need additional parts to extend the connection. No additional parts should be needed if AccuMini is the first to receive water from the source and connect an AccuMax after it. Opposite order will likely require extensions. Contact us for the extension that fits your already installed Venturi dispenser.

AccuMini's modular design enables expansion from one to multiple chemistries. Daisy chain individual dispensers to customize the needs of each work room. Add as needed with no additional accessories required.

Yes, a blue button comes standard on all AccuMini. Red, Black, Green, and Grey are available. Minimum quantity may be required.

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