Peristaltic Pump, Drain dosing, 1 Chemistry, Up to 3.5 oz /min (100 mL/min.)

Featuring a highly reliable peristaltic pump, AutoDose offers flexible programming capabilities that allows the user to dose drains at the appropriate times. Multiple power options are available along with a smaller equipment profile that provides installation and operation flexibility for the end user.

Available in NA only




Drain Dosing

Multple Power Options (AC and battery) Allow for Installation Location Versatility

Ability to Program 24 dosing periods for each 24 hr. period of time reduces labor costs

Small Equipment Size Results in Easier Installation

AutoDose Resources

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Multiple power options gives the user application flexibility

The AutoDose has battery or AC powered operations to suit specific needs. Batteries in AutoDose will power Hydro's patented pump for up to 40 running hours when alkaline batteries are used. The AC power option is available for even longer pump life.

Programming options reduces operating costs

AutoDose gives you the freedom to program when you want to clean your drains and other areas. It will pump the chemicals when you tell it to. Flexible programming capabilities allows the pump to turn on and off to ensure the regular dosing of chemicals without the need for constant supervision. Up to 24 dosing periods per 24 hours. Capability to dose every day, or just on specific days. Dosings occur in one ounce or 30 ml increments.


Pail mount, battery operated (D-size)* 


Wall mount, battery operated (D-size)*

1190Wall mount, AC powered

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Units are available to be powered by battery and AC power.

Up to 24 dosing periods in a 24 hour period of time.

Eight, D size batteries.

There is a low batter indicator on the battery operated unit.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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