Chemical Concentrate Holders (Enclosures)

Accessory for venturi dispensers that allows chemistries to be locked

Enclosures designed to fit your needs while controlling who has access to the concentrate chemicals in use. Hydro Systems’ Chemical Concentrate Holders come in many different models that are specifically designed to hold and give you easy access to any concentrates that you may be using. Including storage for chemical concentrates will make your chemical program more user friendly and more valuable to your customers.

Available in NA only


Filling Mop Buckets Filling Sinks Filling Spray Bottles Filling Scrubbers Filling Large Tanks Surface Cleaning

Comes with wall bracket to help reduce installation time by up to 20%

Locking of cabinets reduces potential loss of chemical due to shrinkage

Benifits One

Can be used with most Hydro Systems venturi dispensers

Chemical Concentrate Holders (Enclosures) Resources

Everything you need all in one place

Enclosures come standard with a lock and key

Authorized employees only have access to chemicals decreasing chance of inventory shrinkage

Manufactured out of polypropylene

Extensive chemical resistance to a wide variety of different chemicals

Accepts multiple different chemical container shapes

Reduction in the number of enclosures needed to protect different chemical containers

Specifically designed to be used with previously installed Accumax dispensers

Eliminates the need to purchase brand new dispensers

Comes standard with installation wall brackets

Installation time is reduced compared to other chemical enclosure systems

AquaBlend ModelPart #NPT/BSP

Fits four 1-gallon round containers; will lock 1-gallon rounds with lock bar through handle 


Fits six 1/2 gallon or 2-litre F-style containers; adjustable lock bar

116Shelf fits up to three 1-gallon round containers
90094675Fits a 1-gallon round container
90095451Fits a 1-gallon F-style container
10096688Fits two 2-liter containers
10096689Fits two 2-liter containers, with lock
10096698Fits two 1-gallon containers
10096699Fits two 1-gallon containers, with lock

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The enclosures can be used with any type of chemical dispenser but optimal use is with AccuMax.


The enclosures are manufactured out of polypropylene and exhibit very good overall chemical resistance.

No. The enclosures come standard with installation wall brackets.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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