Peristaltic Pump, warewashing, 2 Chemistries, solid dissolver bowl

The EvoWash is a powder / solid detergent dissolver with optional, integrated rinse pump for use with existing glass or warewash machines. The integrated control unit allows programming to promote safe and economical use of warewash supplies by ensuring an accurate amount of chemical is automatically added to every wash.





Simplified installation combining the dissolver bowl, controller, and rinse pump into a single system.

Rinse saver feature prevents chemical waste.

Benifits One

Accurate warewash detergent control using an integrated conductivity sensor.

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Offers scalable solutions

Flexible and scalable solution optional integrated rinse pump that is field retrofittable and offers a manual prime feature.

Easy to use

Easy to use the EvoWash features simple, three-button programming of the integrated controller. The system also offers visibility to production via simple “Rack Counter.”

Eliminates Waste

The rinse saver feature prevents rinse additive waste, while the detergent conductivity measurement and adjustable control minimizes detergent overuse.

Safety Certified to meet global safety standards including UL, CE and ASSE 1055.

Region Product NumberDescription
GlobalHYDEVWR1008RB80SCCEEvoWash with rinse pump
GlobalHYDEVWR1008RB80SCCEEvoWash without rinse pump
N. AmericaHYDEVWR1008RB80SCULEvoWash with rinse pump (UL certified

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The standard, cylindrical "mayonaise jar is 6'' in diameter. We are always interested in customer ideas to accommodate other bottle types.

The unit can have an integral liquid rinse pump added or can be paired with an EvoRinse if solid rinse is required.

Rinse saver prevents the rinse pump from running if there was not a detergent signal received prior to the rinse signal.

The standard tube for the EvoWash rinse pump is EPDM or Silicone with an OD of 1/4'' and a 1/4'' compression fitting.

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