HydroMinderTM HP

High Pressure Chemical Dispensing Unit for Car Wash, 5 or 7 Valves

Sixty years of industry proven excellence sets the foundation for Hydro Systems first high-pressure, direct chemical injection car wash system, HydroMinder™ HP. Tunnel car wash owners and distributors now have the precision of accurate chemical dispensing to go along with a tough stainless steel platform. Built for unstoppable control, HydroMinder HP essentially never needs to be shut down to change valves or change out chemicals. This means less interruptions to parades of dirty cars ready for a wash. HydroMinder HP’s chemical dilution performance is 11% more accurate on average compared to competitive systems on the market today.


Car Wash


Vehicle Chemical Dilution

Benifits One

Easy Maintenance, Switch Out Valves in Less Than 10 Seconds Without Stopping Service

11% Greater Accuracy in Diliution (Compared to Leading Competitor Brand)

Benifits One

Boasts Robust Stainless Steel Panel and Componentry Increasing Durability

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1) Easy Maintenance

The HydroMinder HP provides unstoppable control - allowing your car wash to keep running while valves can be easily exchanged in less than ten seconds. This means less interruptions to parades of dirty cars to wash.

2) Industry Leading Accuracy

Utilizing Hydro's best-in-class industry knowledge, the HydroMinder HP was designed to provide chemical dilution that is 11% more accurate on average compared to competitive systems on the market today.

3) Stainless Steel Strength and Rigidity

Reducing the risk of corrosion, increased durability & endurance, the HydroMinder HP boasts a robust, 11 gauge stainless steel design.

HydroMinder HP Parts Drawing
KeyPart No.Description
1HYD10100124Mounting Plate



7 Valve Manifold Cover

5 Valve Manifold Cover

4HYD10100126Manifold Plug, 1” NPT
5HYD10100349Ball Valve, 3/8” NPT
6HYD10100129Quick Connect Plug, 3/8” MPT, Brass



7 Valve Support Bar

5 Valve Support Bar




Pneumatic Solenoid manifold

7 valve Solenoid manifold

5 valve Solenoid manifold

9HYD10100383Blanking Plate, 3 Way, 100 Series




Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 24 VDC Assembly

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 120 VAC Assembly

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 24 VAC Assembly

11HYD10100342Main Air Regulator and Input Connector
12HYD10100350Pressure Gauge 1/4 NPT Male Bottom Connection, 2-1/2” Dial



1” Quick Connect Socket

1” Quick Disconnect O-ring

14HYD10100352Ball Valve, 1” NPT



7 Valve Water Manifold

5 valve Water Manifold

16HYD10100386Male Connector, 3/8 in Tube Size, 1/4” Pipe Size
17HYD10100385Elbow, 1/4 Tube x 1/8 MNPT
18HYD10100389Foaming Air Outlet Connector, 3/8” X 1/4” Tube
19HYD10100341Foaming Air Regulator and 2 elbows
20HYD10100351Bushing Adapter with Hex Body, 1 NPT Male, 1/4 NPT Female
21HYD10100362Tee Connector
22HYD10100128Quick Connect Plug
Not Shown:
 HYD10100338Solenoid Valve Gasket
 HYD10100387Air Union Tee, 1/4” (behind panel)
 HYD10100388Air Check Valve, 1/4” (behind panel)
 HYD10100122Water Manifold Spacer (behind manifold)

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We recommend only using the RAE pump and VFD designed and tested specifically for the Hydrominder HP panel. The installation of another pump may have adverse effects on the panel components and dispensing process and void any warranty.

The panel and VFD will mount in 4 foot by 4 foot area on the wall. The pump should be installed near the VFD and requires a 1.5 foot by 1.5 foot area on the floor. We recommend before any installation, a site survey be completed per the Hydrominder HP User Manual.

It takes less than ten seconds while the whole panel stays in service. Each valve is on a dedicated line with an output ball valve and quick connects between the panel and injectors. Replacing a valve can be performed with virtually no downtime and without tools. Engage the valve's shutoff lever, unscrew its signal cable, unplug its air tube, remove its injector at the bottom quick disconnect, and then remove the valve from the panel at the top quick disconnect. Follow the steps in reverse when installing a new valve.

Even if less than 7 valves are needed, we recommend getting the 7 valve configuration to ensure your system is always running at its best. The extra valves and components can come in handy when switching chemicals or servicing valves. Instead of changing valve and chemical connections, switch the cables at the signal box for seamless transition and keep up with all the dirty cars.

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