Hand Pump, No water hook-up required, Adjustable dosage from 15 to 30 ml (0.5 to 1 oz.)

The HydroPump is a uniquely designed push pump used to dispense cleaning chemicals into sinks, buckets, or any other cleaning receptacle. With HydroPump, a water hook-up is not necessary. Dosing is achieved in a very accurate manner with both viscous and non-viscous chemistries. Available with a directional spout or standard tubing as discharge options.


Filling Mop Buckets Filling Sinks Filling Spray Bottles

Benifits One

Does not require a water line connection to operate so water certifications are not required

Benifits One

Reduces the cost of ownership since the equipment is manufactured from chemically compatible materials

Benifits One

Adjustable dosage capabilities reduces the need to purchase additional pumps

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Versatile push-pump system for accurate chemical dosing does not need to meet water certifications

The HydroPump does not require a water line connection dispensing directly into the desired container and allowing it to be versatile in a variety of environments

Adjustable dosages can be achieved with the same piece of equipment

Ability to use different dosage amounts using the same equipment reduces the need to purchase additional pumps

Chemical compatibility with a wide range of chemicals

Reduces the cost of ownership since HydroPump features surfaces that come into contact with dispensed chemistries that are highly resistant. As a result, HydroPump will operate for a very long time before maintenance is required.

Model # Description
616HydroPump with directional, no-drip discharge spout
617HydroPump with PVC discharge tubing
10083222Adapter plate
110083246Plunger kit, red
210083207 Skir
310083222Mounting plate
410083260 Spout (model 616)
Not shown:
10044300Suction tubing, 6 feet, model 616
10044304Suction tubing, 8 feet, model 617

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Common Questions

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No. HydroPump can be operated without hooking up to a water source.

Yes, there is a feature that allows for different amounts of chemistry to be dispensed.

Please consult the Instruction sheet that is available on our website for more details.

While we highly recommend conducting a field trial with chemistries prior to full adoption of HydroPump at multiple sites, this pump is designed with materials that handle a wide variety of different cleaning and sanitation chemistries.

No. Since it is not hooked up directly with a water source, it does not carry specific water certifications.

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