Accessory that allows Venturi dispensers to provide zero chemical contact to users

The RiteConnect System is a no-chemical-contact, closed loop system for safe, reliable and accurate containment and dispensing of concentrated chemicals. The closed loop system also allows for safe shipment of chemistry. Color coding provides the ability to make sure that the correct chemical is dispensed each and every time.


Filling Mop Buckets Filling Sinks Filling Spray Bottles

No chemical contact system allows for greater employee safety

Different color coding of system allows for increased employee safety

Unique design decreases chance of using the wrong dispenser with the incorrect chemical

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No chemical contact systems allow for greater employee safety

The RiteConnect system allows the user to operate a chemical dispenser safetly without coming into contact with chemistry.

Different color coding of system allows for increased employee safety

A unique color coding system allows an end user from using the incorrect dispenser with the incorrect chemistry. As a result, the end user can safely dispense chemistries into facility cleaning containers.

Part No.Description
HYD10094106RiteConnect 1/2gallon F-Style, 500 each White
HYD10094110RiteConnect 1 gallon Round, 500 each White
HYD10094117RiteConnect 1 gallon F-Style, 500 each White
HYD10094184RiteConnect Cap, Straight, 50 each White
HYD10094181RiteConnect Cap, Right Angle, 50 each White

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No. The bottle mouth needs to have specific dimensions unique to RiteConnect. The unique dimensions are available from Hydro upon request.

Yes. Please consult the RiteConnect data sheet for available colors.

No. Different RiteConnect inserts are available for different bottle designs.

No, RiteConnect is unique to Hydro Systems.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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