Blog: Maintaining Guest Satisfaction in Hotels

By: John Goetz, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems

When looking for hotel accommodations, 97% of travelers say cleanliness is an important factor. To maintain a five-star rating and impress guests, it’s essential for hospitality managers to implement an effective cleaning program and provide proper training to staff. Hotel customers can tell the difference between a hotel that does everything in their power to keep the guests happy, and one that does not.

From keeping entrance floors free of mud, water and debris to providing freshly washed linens, there are small but powerful ways hotels can improve cleanliness and secure repeat business. Facility managers and decision makers should be informed on the benefits of technologies like chemical dispensers, and how they can enhance customer experience and brand image.

Dispensing Success in Hospitality Environments

With the rise of Airbnb, hospitality managers have more pressure to provide more than just a room. Some hotels have started to use connected technology in hotel rooms with smart TVs, lighting and thermostats to encourage more bookings and increase guest satisfaction.

While new features and improved customer service can greatly impact a hotel’s rating, the cleanliness of the room, lobby, restaurant and additional spaces will make or break a guest’s experience. To ensure all aspects of a hotel remain clean, consider implementing chemical dispensing systems. Dispensers can help your hotel deliver the best possible guest experience by delivering numerous benefits, including:

  • Consistently clean linen. No hospitality business wants its linen to come out of the wash with stains and potentially make it into guest rooms. With the right dispenser, the precise amount of cleaning chemical and water is delivered during the wash cycle to thoroughly remove stains and reduce rewash rates. It’s important to look for smart dispensing systems that can alert staff when chemical is low or if a leak occurred. These systems can also provide critical data for hospitality managers to improve their laundering efforts and lead to better results for guests.

  • Increased worker productivity and safety. Closed-loop dispensing systems eliminate the need for staff to manually measure chemical, keeping employees safe from potential hazardous spills and allowing them to focus on other important tasks. If used in multiple areas, such as laundry, warewashing and facility cleaning, dispensers can cut additional time from staff schedules.

  • Cost savings. For hotels concerned about decreasing spending rates, dispensing equipment reduces cleaning costs up to 30% through accurate dilution. Using dispensers can also help reduce rewash rates. Rewashes for linen require additional labor, chemical, water and energy, while also negatively impacting the quality and reducing the lifespan of textiles.

  • Support cleanliness throughout the facility. Dispensers can help fill mop buckets and spray bottles for additional cleaning required in hotel guest rooms and common areas. Installing multiple dispensers can help boost a hotel’s triple bottom by improving guest satisfaction, reducing added costs and contributing to a facility’s sustainable efforts by using less resources.

  • Happy hotel guests. A study found that 90% of travelers will avoid booking hotels described as ‘dirty’ in online reviews, meaning that cleanliness in hotels can directly impact revenue. Keeping hotel visitors satisfied starts by ensuring all amenities remain in impeccable condition. Dispensers can assist by meeting and exceeding cleanliness standards.

Putting Customers First
In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction should take top priority for managers and employees alike, as any home away from home environment will come under strict scrutiny by visitors. Word of mouth and online reviews can make or break a hotel’s brand image, but with an effective cleaning program and the right innovative dispensers, hotels can take positive strides toward addressing the customers’ needs. By streamlining productivity and cost savings, as well as supporting facility-wide cleanliness, dispensers can help your hotel stand out in a competitive market and remain trusted by travelers for years to come.

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