Blog: The Benefits of Handheld Dispensing

By: Matt Hayas, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the need for better cleaning solutions and processes to the forefront. Facilities across a variety of industries are searching for ways to clean quickly and effectively. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also released cleaning guidelines for the pandemic, including recommendations for cleaning to avoid contamination. Organizations are increasingly looking for tools to make cleaning efficient without sacrificing performance or worker safety. Handheld chemical dispensers are ready-to-use solutions that save money and time with all the advantages of traditional dispensing units.

Why Go Portable?

Facility managers have increasingly turned to foaming solutions to clean and disinfect

surfaces during the coronavirus pandemic. Foam cleaning increases surface contact time with the cleaning product and provides a deeper clean overall. Additionally, foam is visible enough to ensure complete coverage and does not cause the damage that high pressure cleaning often does.

Handheld dispensers are especially ideal for organizations that use less chemical than others. Facilities such as convenience stores, hotels and schools benefit from dispensers that can easily be transported anywhere they are needed. Portable units make the benefits of dispensing – including accuracy, efficiency, worker safety and minimal waste – attainable at a reasonable price.

Not only is it incredibly easy to train employees to use handheld units, but these dispensers help maintain worker safety by limiting the need to manually mix solutions. This is especially important in situations where employees are using chemicals they’re unfamiliar with, which has been common during the pandemic due to product shortages.

Selecting Your Handheld Dispenser

When looking for the right dispenser for your facility, identifying ideal product features can save you time and money. It is important to consider the following:

  • Convenience. Handheld dispensers should be a convenient and quick alternative to wall-mount units. They should not have installation procedures that require intense training or other equipment. Choose a product with simple and easy-to-use quick connect features to maximize convenience.

  • Foaming and spraying. Utilize foaming and spraying solutions to cover wide areas of space quickly and with accuracy. Choose a portable dispenser with the ability to foam and spray to enhance the speed and quality of cleaning.

  • Ergonomic and flexible design. Handheld dispensers should offer a design that allows dispensing or foaming from any size container with any size thread. The best options are lightweight and allow you to clean without carrying a heavy chemical container.

  • Integrated features. Dispensers should include features that allow them to attach to buckets and other containers for hands-free filling. In addition, units should have the ability to lock on for convenient dispensing or foaming.

Solutions for Fast, Effective Cleaning

While the world copes with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, cleaning professionals continue to work hard to keep facilities safe for employees and patrons. Portable dispensers help these professionals quickly clean at a time when high-performance cleaning is in demand. Foaming and spraying attachments are the perfect fit for organizations looking for an easy way to address all surfaces without compromising quality.

For more information about handheld dispensers from Hydro Systems, check out the RiteFlex Handheld Dispenser and RiteFlex Foamer/Sprayer.

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