Unlocking the Value of Connected Solutions

What if you could improve a critical business process with a few simple clicks? What if you could access important operational data at any time to confirm efficiencies and uncover areas for improvement? What if you could be alerted to an issue at one of your sites in real time?

With connected solutions, all of this is possible. Cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platforms have infiltrated nearly every sector and area of business, including those tied to cleanliness. Commercial kitchens can gain greater visibility of warewashing processes, while on-premise and industrial laundries can keep a closer watch on linens as they are washed and dried. Read on to learn more about the value of these technologies and how to successfully build them into your business.


Helping your Business be More Proactive

Connected technologies offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved organization – With so much data behind every operation, it can be increasingly complex to keep track of it all – and to learn from it. With a cloud-based platform, organizations can eliminate paper logs and time-consuming data collection and store their data automatically in a secure and organized location. Managers can view real-time information and access data from previous months and years.
  • Enhanced productivity – Being notified about abnormal conditions as they occur, rather than after the fact, can help operations quickly overcome obstacles that lead to downtime and profit loss. Historical data and alarm reporting can also uncover patterns that are impacting the business to drive continuous improvement and unlock greater efficiency without sacrificing performance.
  • Cost savings – Connected solutions benefit the bottom line in many ways, including through direct savings. For example, having remote access to the inner workings of your business can reduce the need for frequent and costly reactive site visits. Keeping a closer watch on your operations can also reduce the need for repairs and maintenance in the future.

Tips for Implementing New Technology

Consider the following recommendations to ensure a smooth transition when putting connected solutions into place:

  1. Assess your assets. Before investing in new technology, it’s important to ensure your facility is suitable for it. For example, it’s crucial for a facility to have reliable access to cellular or Wi-Fi networks for IoT solutions to effectively track and analyze data. It’s also a good idea to scope out where this technology will be installed, as it should be accessible by those who regularly use it, but not located in a space open to the public or others who should not have access.
  2. Conduct a security check. The last thing a company wants is for its information to be invaded or deleted permanently. There are reliable third-party companies that can help facilities of all sizes complete a security check and put systems in place to significantly reduce the chances of a security breach. Further, some technologies are more secure than others. Seek out suppliers that utilize the latest security and encryption techniques and consider cellular data transmissions which are inherently more secure and reliable than Wi-Fi.
  3. Develop a team and define roles. Before installing new equipment, you should assign specific roles and responsibilities to a dedicated team of individuals. Depending on the size of your organization and your overall goals, you may need specific administrators, IT experts or even data specialists. Some manufacturers offer introductions, training sessions and analyzing services to augment customer headcount additions, but it’s still important for your internal team to understand their roles in the success of the IoT solution.
  4. Take note of existing data and documentation. As you transition from previous documentation methods and begin to rely on the IoT, it’s a good idea to keep records or ask questions about data retention to ensure that nothing gets deleted accidently.
  5. Train regularly. The IoT is an evolving technology, making it critical for facility managers to regularly host training sessions for all employees that use it these solutions. It’s also recommended to develop a trusting relationship and a service agreement with your IoT manufacturer to ensure that all updates come from a reliable source and that service levels are agreed up front.

Connecting to Continuous Improvement

Connected innovations help organizations drive continuous improvement through greater transparency of their processes. From remote adjustments in real time to reducing the need for on-site visits by pinpointing recurring issues, there are many ways in which managers can unlock insights and savings. With the number of connected technologies on the rise, customers will expect businesses to adopt solutions that enhance cleanliness and service. That’s why now is the time to implement trusted solutions built on secure platforms that will drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Hydro Systems offers numerous connected solutions like DMx, a smart, durable and safe warewash dispenser, and the Connected Total Eclipse Controller, an IoT-enabled version of the most popular electronic controller for on-premise laundries. These technologies use our Hydro Connect platform to provide anytime and anywhere access to crucial data.

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