Connected Total Eclipse

Controller for On-Premise Laundry with real-time reports & analytics

The Connected Total Eclipse combines the simplicity and familiarity of the Total Eclipse controller with the cutting edge reporting of Hydro Connect. It is a cost-effective, secure and user friendly electronic controller specifically designed for on-premise laundry operations with one to four washers.




On-Premise Commercial Industrial Automatic Chemical Delivery

Offers real-time reporting and remote configuration changes for up to four controllers using a cellular modem and Hydro Connect.

Even without a real-time connection, enhanced historical reporting can be accessed by uploading data to Hydro Connect.

Offers an upgrade in the number of formulas supported vs the legacy Total Eclipse (48 vs 20 formulas)

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Safe, flexible and easy to upgrade

With thousands of Total Eclipse Controllers already in use, customers will not need to learn a new system or retrain employees. Hydro has maintained the Formula Editor software and USB programming to work with the Connected TE –programs can be written and transferred quickly, without hundreds of tedious button pushes on the controller. By purchasing the real-time service, users can make changes to their configuration remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection – customers are reporting up to 90% savings in maintenance costs.

Drastically reduces the need for costly site visits

Common changes that can be made remotely include adding a formula, changing dosage and changing a load weight.

Premium reporting capabilities

Enhance visibility of critical site data with real-time or historical reporting on productivity (loads/weight), chemical usage, costs, and alarms through Hydro Connect. Head off costly alarm conditions such as incomplete or stopped loads before they cause rewash. Formulas and controller setups can be programmed at the controller or with the Formula Editor computer software and uploaded via USB flash drive (8 GB or smaller) to each controller.

Automate and simplify the process of reporting load counts and chemical usage

Professional reporting can be accessed remotely and ready to e-mail in a matter of seconds through Hydro Connect


If clients are unable to purchase a gateway or real-time service package, they can still enjoy historical reporting through a manual upload into Hydro Connect using the USB drive at no additional cost

Retrofit Controller OptionsModel Builder:Hydro PrefixBase ModelKit DesignatorTE Controller QuantityCable Length (feet)
Standard Kit
HYDCTE-RET1015 Connected TE Retrofit Kit, 1 machine, Std 15’ cable HYDCTERET1015

NOTE: Connected TE Controllers can also be ordered as part of any new Hydro laundry dispenser model.

Retrofit Controller OptionsModel Builder:Hydro PrefixBase ModelService RegionGateway TypeCable Length (feet)Service Type
Standard Kit
HYDCTE-NAM050T Connected TE Gateway, NA, Model M, Std 50’ cable HYDCTENAM050T
HYDCTE-EMM050T Connected TE Gateway, EM, Model M, Std 50’ cable HYDCTEEMM050T
HYDCTE-APM050T Connected TE Gateway, AP, Model M, Std 50’ cable HYDCTEAPM050T
Model NumberDescription
HYD-CON-TE-RTBUNDLEMonthly Realtime + Cell Data Fee- 1 CON TE Gateway

No files found.

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CTE offers real-time and historical reporting through Hydro connect with the user of a cellular modem or manual uploads from the USB port.

Each cellular modem can handle up to 4 Connected TE Controllers.

These are common 1-to-1 pinout, RJ45 (ethernet/telco cables) and are readily available through many sources. Buying the cables from Hydro ensures the quality and specifications of cable will be appropriate.

48 formulas. This is more than the 20 formulas offered by the legacy Total Eclipse.

Please check contact Hydro Customer support to purchase the Connected Total Eclipse.

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