Electric Diaphragm Pump for Animal Health and Horticulture, output up to 2.1 GPH (130mL/min.)

E-Dos pumps are a line of diaphragm pumps that have outputs to 2.1 GPH and a maximum pressure of 105 PSI. The high speed of operation results in high resolution chemical feed and long service life. Quiet and compact, the E-Dos pumps prime in seconds and hold prime reliably. These pumps are perfect for both animal health and horticulture applications.

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Nutrient Delivery Line Cleaning Solutions Chemical Delivery

Reduces maintenance costs compared to peristaltic pumps

Increased injection accuracy vs. peristaltic pumps

Adjustable dosage capabilties reduces the need to purchase additional pumps

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Reduced maintenance costs

Compared to a peristaltic pump, E-Dos does not feature squeeze tubes that needs to be changed quite frequently. As a result, E-Dos diaphragm pumps will last alonger period of time before repair is needed.

Improved injection accuracy

Compared to peristatic pumps, E-Dos features better injection accuracy over longer periods of pump operation resulting in less chemical usage resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

Adjustable dosage = Less pumps required

Since the same E-Dos pump can be used for a wide variety of different dosages, additional pumps do not need to be purchased. As a result, E-Dos can be used with a wide variety of different animal health and horticulture chemistries that require different dosage ratios.

Model NumbersDescription
HYD-EDO-STE-Dos Standard Unit
HYD-EDO-HACE-Dos Highly Agreesive Chemical Unit

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105 psi.


In animal health, water treatment is a very common application. In horticulture, E-Dos can be used for nutrient delivery.

E-Dos needs to be installed near an electrical outlet for power purposes.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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