Venturi Dispenser, wall mounted, Up to 4 chemistries w/ 1 Dispenser

Over 30 years‘ experience in dilution technology culminates in the EvoDose. Capable of diluting up to four products, high or low flow with a lockable cabinet system, offering both bottle and pouch options, a remote activation gun and AccuPro pressure regulation technology the feature packed EvoDose really has it all.

Our EvoDose is designed to comply with the EN1717 water regulations, which prevents the contamination of potable water systems, making it a safe and reliable choice for diluting chemicals in industrial and commercial settings.

Available in EU only


Filling Mop Buckets Filling Spray Bottels Filling Sinks

Available with cabinets that can situate both bottles and pouches

Features patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology That Reduces Chemical Consumption by 20%

Allows end user to dilute up to four different chemicals with the same device. Reduction in total cost of ownership by up to 15%.

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Accuracy matters

Hydro Systems’ patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology comes standard with the 4 product dispenser. AccuPro Technology eliminates dilution variance to ensure your customers are always using the recommended amount of chemical. Facilities are cleaner and safer when chemicals are working properly.

Comes with cabinets that can accomodate both bottles and pouches

EvoDose comes along with cabinets that can house either bottles or pouches. Since chemical companies feature different containers, EvoDose is able to provide the necessary versatility to operate with different types of containers.

Dilution of multiple chemicals with the same equipment reduces ownership costs

By using fewer components to deliver multiple products in the same equipment makes the EvoDose dispenser an economical choice

Single product models

Model NumberEductor ConfigurationActivation OptionDischarge Hose OptionWith Bottle ShelfWater Fitting OptionWith CabinetsViscous Pickup Tube KitApprox. standard dilution range H2O : Chem.
  Push buttonBottle FillStandardBottle FillRemote Gun    4 lit./min.14 lit./min.
859353GBSingle Product - HF     3/4” Swivel   5:1 to 400:1
859323GBSingle Product - HF    JG Side   5:1 to 400:1
859313GBSingle Product - HF    JG Up & Down   5:1 to 400:1
859352GBSingle Product - HF    3/4” Swivel   5:1 to 400:1
859322GBSingle Product - HF    JG Side   5:1 to 400:1
859312GBSingle Product - HF    JG Up & Down   5:1 to 400:1
859354GBSingle Product - HF    3/4” Swivel  5:1 to 400:1
859324GBSingle Product - HF    JG Side  5:1 to 400:1
859314GBSingle Product - HF    JG Up & Down  5:1 to 400:1
859343GBSingle Product - HF    3/4” Swivel  10:1 to 400:1
859333GBSingle Product - HF    JG Up & Down for Cabinets  10:1 to 400:1
859342GBSingle Product - HF    3/4” Swivel  10:1 to 400:1
859332GBSingle Product - HF    JG Up & Down for Cabinets  10:1 to 400:1
8512GBSingle Product - HF  3/4” Swivel  3:1 to 100:1 
859221GBSingle Product - HF  JG Side  3:1 to 100:1 
859211GBSingle Product - HF  JG Up & Down  3:1 to 100:1 
859241GBSingle Product - HF  3/4” Swivel 3:1 to 100:1 
859231GBSingle Product - HF  JG Up & Down for Cabinets 3:1 to 100:1 

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The cabinets can accommodate both chemical bottles and pouches.


6 bar.

Yes, in addition to a standard discharge tube, bottle fill and remote gun options are also available.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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