Accessory that improves safety and wash results in laundry sites with peristaltic pumps.

The FM-800 Flush Manifold for commercial laundry transfers liquid laundry products from the dispenser to the washer using water flow via a single discharge tube. It minimizes leak points and is designed to optimize safety and reliability by completely flushing chemical products to the washer.





Benifits One

Durable flush manifold that withstands the harshest chemicals like concentrated NaOH, D-Limonene, and Sour.

Includes a flow-switch to prevent unsafe dosing if water flow is inadequate

Easier to install with timesaving features like push to connect water inlet and body that swivels 45 degrees.

FM-800 Resources

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Reduces unwanted mixing

Industry standard ball and spring check valves prevent unwanted chemical mixing

Incomplete mixing is a thing of the past

An integrated flow switch avoids incomplete dispensing with water flows under 0.65 GPM

Design Provides Ease of Installation

Straight and 90° hose barbs with a push-to-connect interface ensure an easy and hassle-free install. Easily connects to most Hydro dispensing systems.

Extends laundry dilution equipment

Reduces stress on the peristaltic pump system by using water to transport products over long distances.

Optimizes safety and cleaning results

Avoids potentially hazardous chemical mixing by flushing with an adequate water supply between dosages

Model No.DescriptionPart Number
FM-802Modular Flush Manifold 2-product00-03608-02XT
FM-804Modular Flush Manifold 4-product00-03608-04XT
FM-806Modular Flush Manifold 6-product00-03608-06XT
FM-808Modular Flush Manifold 8-product00-03608-08XT
FM-800Modular Flush Manifold 2-product add-on00-03608-01XT
KeyPart No.Description

Inlet Manifold Kit 

2Vent Port Check Valve, White 41-04807-00
3Inline Check Valve41-06508-44
4Cover Kit with Screws  10096138XT
5Solenoid Valve Rebuild Kit 15-03778-00

Solenoid Valve Replacement 

7Flow Switch Replacement Kit (Includes Fitting and Wire Harness) 10098690

82 Port Add-On Kit (Includes Check Valves and End Fittings) 00-03608-01XT
9Discharge Barb 41-04996-01
10Chemical Port Check Valve 41-04207-46
11Wall Hanger Kit (2 Hangers with Screws and Anchors)10096115
12Pressure Gauge Kit 10098692

No files found.

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The unit has been tested with the industries harshes laundry chemicals, including concentrated alkali, sours, and even D-Limonene. It also swivels in 45 degree increments to simplify and speed up installations.

No, the flush manifold is included in the EvoClean.

 .75 GPM. Below this level, the pump will not operate because there is not adequate water flow through the manifold.

Hydro sells the FM800 in 2, 4, 6, and 8 product configurations.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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