HydroMaster LCU

Venturi Dispenser, wall or drum mounted, 1 chemistry w/ 1 dispenser

As antibiotic use on the farm decreases, it is more important than ever to keep animals healthy by cleaning and disinfecting the environment in which they live. HydroMaster LCU pumps from Hydro Systems are designed to allow you to easily inject water line cleaning and sanitizing solutions into your water lines without preparing a stock solution.


Chemical Delivery Line Cleaning Solutions

Benifits One

Multiple mounting options allow for greater installation options

Utilizes Hydro Systems tips that allow for up to 20% better dilution accuracy

Reduces the cost of ownership since the equipment is manufactured from chemically compatible materials

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Multiple mounting options allow for greater installation options

HydroMaster LCU can either be drum or wall-mounted resulting in the ability to adjust the location where the unit is installed depending on the location of the chemical container.

Utilizes Hydro Systems standard tips that allow for up to 20% better dilution accuracy

The use of standard Hydro Systems metering tips allow for more accurate dilution performance that results in more accurate chemical usage. Other products will result in more chemistry than what is needed resulting in wasted chemistry or not enough chemistry is used resulting in the need for a rewash.

Features chemically resistant materials that result in longer lasting equipment

HydroMaster LCU features chemically resistant materials that provide for longer lasting equipment life.

Part Number Description
HYD210HydroMaster LCU
1HYD10048530HOSE,1/2IN ID X 4FT 2
2HYD41-06473-84 Adapter
3HYD502000Ball valve
5HYD6150-KMounting bracket
6HYD10090910Bung adapter assy.
7HYD440318Eductor, Dark blue
8HYD440101Suction stub
9HYD690015Metering tip (kit)
10HYD10099773 Suction tube assy.(includes c, d, e & f)
aHYD616100¼" x 7" tubing
bHYD5058041/2" ID tubing c
cHYD250006Ceramic weight
d Foot valve, Viton*HYD90060717
11HYD608300Hose clamp

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Common Questions

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No. The venturi is operated based on hydro power.

No. There unique threaded types that need to be used with HydroMaster that come with the unit.

It is located on the data sheet.


Yes, both inlet and outlet hoses.

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