Low Level Alarm

Accessory that alerts users to costly out of product conditions.

Hydro’s Low Level Alarm complements the Depletion Wand, allowing up to eight units to be connected to cover all chemicals in a typical OPL. The system minimizes costs associated with rewash by detecting the signal from the depletion wands and immediately alerting users with an audible and visual alarm. The alarm is simple to install and flexible. It can be powered directly from the EvoClean dispenser or from a wall outlet as a standalone system.





Benifits One

Prevent costly out-of-product events by notifiying customers via audible and visual alerts.

Benifits One

Accomodates up to 8 depletion wands.

Benifits One

Notify remote users with a relay output to power a remote buzzer or strobe.

Low Level Alarm Resources

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Prevents costly out-of-product events

The low level alarm provides indications of when chemistry is close to being depleted before depletion actually occurs. Chemistry can be replaced on time so cleaning does not have to happen a second time.

Versatile application

Accomodates up to eight depletion wands


Notify remote users with a relay output to power a remote buzzer or strobe

Product NumberDescription
HYDLLA2000L8DLLA 2000 Series with 8 channels (EvoClean integrated) 
HYDLLA2000L8SLLA 2000 Series with 8 channels (Standalone power, flying leads)
HYDLLA2000L8SULLA 2000 Series with 8 channels (UL/US certified plug, standalone power)

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Common Questions

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Yes, there is a continuous 12V DC supply or a 110-230 AC relay for supplying an external buzzer or strobe.


It offers an visual (red LED) and audible (buzzer) alert for up to 8 products.

There are 3 models available.

1. a standalone powered unit with flying leads.

2. a standalone powered unit with a US plug and

3. an EvoClean powered/integrated unit.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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