TL-700 (Mercury)

Peristaltic Pump, On-Premise Laundry, 6 Chemistries, Up to 12 oz /min (355 mL per min.)

Mercury TL700 a three product dispenser for top loading laundry dispensers. The Mercury TL leads the way in bringing modern technology together with simplified user interface. An institutional chemical dispensing system with auto voltage sensing that allows either 115 or 220 volts to be connected to the single power input leads.





Simple installations with pre-wired power and signal cables and no transformers.

Flexible to cover push-button or signal operation for up to 4 formulas.

Ideal solution for small OPL or Home-style washers

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Durable OPL dispenser, known for reliability and ease of use.

Mercury TL700 features a splashproof enclosure that provides for extended life. Spring-loaded pumps are featured that allow for easy access.

Pre-wired power and signals to increase safety and reduce installation time.

Comes from Hydro Systems pre-wired.

Compatible with either Total Eclipse or Connected Total Eclipse Controllers

Up to 48 formulas is featured

Part No.Description
HYD11-07840-720TL-700 Two Pumps and Eight Formulas
HYD11-07840-730TL-700 Three Pumps and Eight Formulas

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Common Questions

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Programming is achieved using a 7-segment display and 3 buttons

Typically a small homestyle washer of 20 lbs. or less.

The standard tube for the TL-700 (5.25 oz/min) pump is an EPDM tube with an OD of 5/16'' and a 3/8'' barb fitting

The TL-700 can be run in Standard (1 signal per pump), Push-Button, relay mode, or Occurrence mode.

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