Meteor Solid Dissolver

Accessory enabling solid detergent dissolving in warewash applications.

The Meteor Solid Dissolver and Capsule Feeder is for solid or encapsulated powered dish machine detergent. The Meteor dissolves solid or screen packed granular cleaning chemicals that are used in commercial dishwashers, pot sinks, flatware pre-soak tubs or mop buckets. The compact and lightweight Meteor is molded of durable, chemically resistant, polypropylene plastic.





Benifits One

Simple to install for solid warewash dispensing.

Benifits One

Integrated backflow prevention

Benifits One

Durable construction in polypropylene

Meteor Solid Dissolver Resources

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Durable construction

Durable, glass–filled polypropylene

Installation versatility

Perfect for wall or top mount applications

Resistant to internal chemical build–up

Unit life is extended due as a result of the meteor bowl being resistant to chemical build-up

Operator safety is provided

Reliable spray diverter ensures maximum safety

15-06919-00 CF-300 Capsule Feeder, Standard
00-07855-00 CF-300 Capsule Feeder w/ Ball Valve & Bracket
00-07845-00 CF-300 Capsule Feeder w/ Mechanical Timer & Bracket

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Common Questions

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Meteor bowls are perfect for dosing solid or powder warewash detergent or rinse aid in combination with one of our dispensers with a solenoid.

Yes, the Meteor bowl uses a vacuum breaker that is 6'' above the overflow point to provide approved backflow prevention.

Either top-mount or wall-mount configurations are available. In a wall-mount configuration, the outlet of the Meteor bowl is connected to a dish machine using a flexible PVC hose and tie-wraps on one end and a bulkhead fitting with a tie-wrap on the other.

Yes, Hydro offers various nozzle types depending on the chemical being dissolved.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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