Water-Driven Pump, dilution range (4000:1 (0.025%) to 5:1 (20%)), up to 12 GPM (2725 L/hr.)

The MiniDos low-mid-flow water-driven pump offers an ideal alternative to traditional, non-electric pump technology. MiniDos units are compact and offer a wide range of injection ratios. MiniDos is ideal for a wide variety of industrial and horticulture applications since it features a wide variety of different seal options that make it compatiable with a wide variety of different chemistries.


Nutrient DeliveryCutting Fluid DilutionCoolant DilutionLubricant Dilution

Benifits One

Multiple seal options result in excellent chemical resistance resulting in less equipment downtime

Benifits One

On/off switch allows for chemical mixing to be stopped when not required

Benifits One

Small envelope size requires up to 10% less space for installation compared to other water-driven pumps

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Multiple seal options allow for application diversity and less equipment downtime

MiniDos water-driven pumps feature a variety of different seal options. The variety of different seal options allows for MiniDos to be used in a variety of different applications. Also, different seal options allow for better chemical resistance resulting in longer equipment life and less downtime.

On/off switch allows for chemical mixing to be turned on or off as needed

Once a chemistry is depleted, the MiniDos water-driven pump can be turned off resulting in only water to flow through the pump. As a result, the pump does not need to be uninstalled and uptime is maintained.

Small envelope size requires less installation space

MiniDos can be installed when there is not a lot of real estate available. This results in application flexibility.

Model # Description 
112608MiniDos 0.4% 
112600MiniDos 1% 
112602MiniDos 2.5% 
112604MiniDos 5% 
112606MiniDos 10% 
112620MiniDos 20% 

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Common Questions

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100 degrees F. or 38 degrees C.

Yes. Certain models of MiniDos feature an on/off switch that can be used to stop chemistry from entering a MiniDos pump.

You can refer to the Product Selector tool that is available on our website.

It depends on the model. Please check the data sheet for the maximum operating pressure of each model.

No. The pump family that provides the best mixing of water with chemistry is AquaBlend.

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