SMP 2.0

Venturi Dispenser, wall mounted, 1 chemistry w/ 1 dispenser and zero chemical contact with operator

SMP 2.0 offers a unique way to dispense a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets and other containers, while eliminating the possibility of chemical carryover between products. Its patented AccuPro® Pressure Regulation Technology eliminates dilution variance by controlling the amount of water permitted into the unit, never allowing it to “lean out” the desired dilution target.

Available in NA only


Filling Mop Buckets Filling Sinks Filling Spray Bottles

No chemical contact systems allows for greater employee safety

Meets water certifications eliminating the need for additional backflow prevention equipment reducing total cost of ownership by up to 35%

Reduces the cost of ownership since the equipment is manufactured from chemically compatible materials.

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Unique system allows for zero chemical contact with the user

Safety is the name of the game. SMP 2.0 is a closed loop system that keeps the chemistry away from the user and in the bottle where it is being dispensed.

Meets water regulations resulting in lower operating costs

SMP 2.0 offers both E-Gap and AirGap eductor options that meet local water regulations so you do not need to purchase additional backflow equipment. As a result, your cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 35%.

Chemical compatibility with a wide range of chemicals

Reduces the cost of ownership since SMP 2.0 features surfaces that come into contact with dispensed chemistries that are highly resistant to a wide variety of different chemistries. As a result, SMP 2.0 will operate for a very long time before maintenance is required.

Part No.Description
SMP 2000SMP 2000 One Low
SMP 2.0(Egap)
KeyPart No.Description
190096402Cabinet front
290096464Kit, button replacement, high flow
390096461Kit, button replacement, low flow
490096439Kit, vent seals
590096432Kit, bottle seal assembly
690096433Kit, seal replacement
790096435Kit, tubing replacement
890096401Cabinet back
990096403Mount bracket, vent
1090096440Wall bracket
1190096420Bottle shelf
12238100Strainer washer
1390096436Kit, Water inlet assembly
1410098574Kit, water valve assembly
1590096437Kit, nipple assembly Key Part No. Description
1610098573Kit, pipe plug
1710075980Valve parts kit
a. diaphragm
b. armature
c. spring
d. valve bonnet
2090096431Kit, Eductor assy 1.0 GPM
2190096434Kit, Eductor assy 3.5 GPM
22a900973751.0 GPM discharge tube with flooding ring (12”)
22b900802883.5 GPM discharge tube with flooding ring (6’)
2310080730Hose hook, dark grey
90096438Kit, preventative maintenance Includes:4,6,&7



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Both E-Gap and AirGap.

Yes. This special insert is outlined in the SMP 2.0 data sheet.

25 psi.

Yes. Both E-Gap and AirGap eductor-based designs are approved.

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