Water-Driven Pump, dilution range (4000:1 (0.025%) to 20:1 (5%)), Up to 45 GPM (3400 L/hr.)

The SuperDos water-driven pump operates without electricity to inject precisely chemistries into a water supply line using fluid flow as the power source. The product line offers pumps that can reach a flow rate up 45 GPM allowing SuperDos to be used in a wide variety of different animal health, horticulture, and industrial applications.


Nutrient Delivery Chemical Delivery Cutting Fluid Dilution Coolant Dilution lubricant dilution Filling Totes & Drums

Benifits One

Multiple seal options result in excellent chemical resistance resulting in less equipment downtime.

On/off switch allows for chemical mixing to be stopped when not required

Flow rate up to 45 GPM. Competitor units only reach 40 GPM. Higher flow rate means more animals or crops watered for each pump.

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Multiple seal options allow for application diversity and less equipment downtime

SuperDos water-driven pumps feature a variety of different seal options. The variety of different seal options allows for SuperDos to be used in a variety of different applications. Also, different seal options allow for better chemical resistance resulting in longer equipment life and less downtime.

On/off switch allows for chemical mixing to be turned on or off as needed

Once a chemistry is depleted, the SuperDos water-driven pump can be turned off resulting in only water to flow through the pump. As a result, the pump does not need to be uninstalled and uptime is maintained.

With SuperDos, you can reach up to 45 GPM. Others can only reach 40 GPM.

The SuperDos series of pumps can reach up to 45 GPM and this comes in handy when operating a chemical injection system inside of a large barn. When other pumps cannot reach this flow rate, additional pumps need to be purchased resulting in higher cost of ownership.

Part No.Description
HYD113203SuperDos 15TF 5%
HYD113202WSPSuperDos 15 2.5%
HYD113228RSuperDos 20 0.3%
HYD113205SuperDos 20 2.5%
HYD113206SuperDos 20 5%
HYD113207SuperDos 20 10%
HYD113205WSPSuperDos 20 2.5%
HYD113229RSuperDos 30 0.3%
HYD113209SuperDos 30 2.5%
HYD113210SuperDos 30 5%
HYD113209WSPSuperDos 30 2.5%
HYD113230RSuperDos 45 0.3%
HYD113212SuperDos 45 2.5%
HYD113215SuperDos 45 5%

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In the SuperDos product line, the SuperDos HAC line of products is highly recommended.

Yes, there are different seal materials available ranging from Viton to Kalrez.

SuperDos can reach 4000:1 chemical dilution unlike competitor units.

No. SuperDos is only available with fixed lower ends.

Yes. Certain models of SuperDos feature an on/off switch that can be used to stop chemistry from entering a SuperDos pump.

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