CP-300 (Taurus)

Peristaltic Pump, Small On-premise laundry, 1 Chemistry, Up to 8 oz /min (237 mL per min.)

The Taurus CP-300 is a fully programmable single pump dispenser designed for use on top load laundry applications as well as any application requiring a single product to be dosed with extreme accuracy. Meeting CE electrical safety standards, it is ideal for use with single tank, door-style machines or glass washers.

Available in NA only





Hydro's simplest laundry dispenser for a single chemical.

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Push-button operation and programming through an integrated remote.

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Ease of program

Programmable delay of up to 30 minutes in 5 minute increments, a max run time of 20 minutes and programmable lockout period of up to 30 minutes in 5 minute increments

User priming available

Programable allowing for user priming, if desired

Unit safety with lockout protection

Lockout is protected against power interruptions; the lockout period resumes where it left off once power is restored


113-08602-06  Pump cover, teal (screw included)
213-06396-00 Pump spinner
313-06399-10 Pump tube, standard, 1/4" detergent EPDM, 10 pk
 13-06395-10 Pump tube, 1/4" Rns, EPDM, 10 pk.
 13-06395-30 Pump tube, 1/8" Rns, EPDM, 10 pk.
413-08721-01 Pump motor kit (det.)
510096229 Wall-mounted transformer, 24VDC, 1A
613-08602-00 CP-300 remote (black)

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Programming and starting the pump are both achieved using the included remote.

Typically a small homestyle washer of 20 lbs or less.

The standard tube is EPDM with an OD of 5/16' and a 3/8'' barb fitting'. Other tube materials are available upon request.

Using the remote, push and hold the start button.

Press and hold the Program and start buttons are the same time for 10 seconds. All 3 LEDs will illuminate indicating the operation is completed.

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