Twist II Clean

Accessory that filters water before entering Water-Driven Pumps

Used to filter water before entering the equipment primarily water-driven pumps, the Twist II Clean filters have many unique features and benefits placing them in a class of their own. The filters are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of different applications in animal health, horticulture, industrial, and facility cleaning.


Nutrient Delivery Chemical Delivery Line Cleaning Solutions Cutting Fluid Dilution Coolant Dilution Lubricant Dilution Filling Totes & Drums

Filter can be cleaned in less than 20 seconds resulting in more equipment uptime

Available in multiple sizes resulting in application diversity

Reduces the cost of ownership since the equipment is manufactured from chemically compatible materials

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Filter can be cleaned in less than 20 seconds

The TwistIIClean filter features quick cleaning action in less than 20 seconds. By quickly cleaning the filter, your system is back up and running quickly resulting in less equipment downtime.

TwistIIClean is available in multiple sizes

Please consult the Hydro Systems data sheet for exact models but there are a wide variety of different sizes of TwistIIClean filters that are available. As a result, there is a filter available that can be used with all Hydro Systems water-driven pump models.

Get return on your investment

TwistIIClean filters are highly resistant to a wide variety of different chemistries reducing the need for replacement or maintenance.

Part No.Description
17004T2C 3/4” 105 Micron NPT
17003T2C 3/4” 150 Micron NPT
17002T2C 3/4” 250 Micron NPT
17001T2C 3/4” 600 Micron NPT
17008T2C 1” 105 Micron BSP
17007T2C 1” 150 Micron BSP
17006T2C 1” 250 Micron BSP
17005T2C 1” 600 Micron BSP
17011T2C 1 1/2” 105 Micron BSP
17014T2C 1 1/2” 150 Micron BSP
17013T2C 1 1/2” 250 Micron BSP
17012T2C 1 1/2” 600 Micron BSP
15760T2C 2” 75 Micron Flange
15700T2C 2” 105 Micron Flange
15710T2C 2” 150 Micron Flange
15720T2C 2” 250 Micron Flange

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Common Questions

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No. TwistIIClean operates without the requirement of a cartridge.

Inlet/Outlet connections ranging from 3/4'' up to 2''.

Mesh sizes range from 600 micron to 75 micron depending on the configuration.

100 psi or 7 bar.

Farm and Industrial.

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