Ensure a destination experience by providing consumers with everything
they need for their laundry needs. Deliver the Perfect Pour every time with Hydro.

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Ensure a destination experience by providing consumers with everything they need for their laundry needs. Deliver the Perfect Pour every time with Hydro.

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Hydro for Laundry

Introducing: Perfect PourTM

No Guess. No Mess. No Stress.


Hydro has installed Perfect Pour technology into numerous laundromats through the United States, North America, and Globally.

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Accelerate Profitability

Provide consumers with convenient soap options to increase profitability

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Protect Your Investment

Washers are expensive, protect over/under loading with consistent dosing

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Differentiate from Competitors

Consumers have options, give them a reason to visit your store with Hydro's Perfect Pour

Showcase Perfect Pour in Your Store

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Perfect Pour Introductory Video:

Messy Mike vs. Perfect Paula

(available in English and Spanish)

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Perfect Pour Introduction Video (ENGLISH)

Messy Mike vs. Perfect Paula

The Laundromat Millionaire Show (S4E71)

Inject a New Revenue Stream Into Your Laundromat w/Patrick Kelley

Common Questions

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Why Invest?

For walk-in vended consumers:

  • An elegant, clean, convenient, consumer experience. Eliminate soap spills and slip/fall hazards after investing in Perfect Pour.
  • Financially: Perfect Pour enables you to achieve $1 or more in incremental profit, per wash cycle, or turn.

For “in house” operations, if you choose to offer Wash-Dry-Fold and Pick-Up & Delivery Services:

  • Operational Excellence. Commercial laundries process laundry to the highest degree of excellence, daily. If you offer Wash-Dry-Fold and Pick-Up & Delivery Services, we understand this is likely your goal.
    • Within your operational value stream, Perfect Pour enables you to remove several types of waste, primarily including:
      1. Material: Chemicals used within your wash cycles due to inconsistent dosing in your laundromat today
      2. Labor: Employee /attendant motion using and applying products to the wash cycle, when they could be folding and delivering laundry to complete your orders
      3. Inventory Processes: Waste involved in purchasing, acquiring, and transporting products to your laundromat facility
      4. Quality Defects: Inconsistent dosing methods and the opportunity for employee or attendant error is detrimental to your wash quality and bottom line. Remove chance, and achieve Perfection with Hydro Perfect Pour

Are consumers required to use the soaps I supply to each machine via Perfect Pour?

No. Hydro Perfect Pour integrates and communicates with your wash programs, so you as the laundromat owner can provide choice to your consumers: to utilize your Perfect Pour Solution, or supply their own wash chemicals, based on the speed at which you would like to achieve profitable results. When laundromat owners decide to offer their consumers with choice: the option to use Perfect Pour, or supply their own detergents, installed sites have achieved paid Perfect Pour adoption of 50% or more.

Current Perfect Pour installations deliver results in both new construction and add on environments. See our location map above to see how quickly Perfect Pour is being adopted throughout the United States! We also have global installations, contact our sales team for more information.

Hydro is compatible with all leading OEMs that are equipped with soap injection capabilities. Regardless of the quantity of washers you have in your laundromat, Perfect Pour can deliver up to 10 chemical products to each washer, via a single tube to the back of each washer.

Hydro does not manufacture or sell chemicals.

As an industry leader since 1963, Hydro has several chemical provider options for you to choose from, based on the customer experience you intend to enable. We recognize each unique consumer has a preference on the products they wash their clothes with, for a variety of different reasons. That’s why our system is designed to offer optionality of up to 10 choices.

Installation is managed by Hydro and completed by us or a contractor of your choice, to Hydro specifications, to achieve maximum performance and ensure warranty is valid with a turnkey solution.

Perfect Pour Equipment can be installed in several different locations within your store. A Site Survey is recommended to select the ideal location. With rising build out costs, paired with your profitability goals and washer machine maintenance requirements within your laundromat, we recognize traditional methods of storing chemical supply solutions within your bulkhead or behind washers is not preferred.

Your laundromat remains operational throughout the entire process, as we recognize keeping your laundromat open is critical. We understand shutting down your laundromat is typically not an option. Based on our installation experience, getting your store up and running with Perfect Pour does not slow most day-to-day operations. For an average laundromat, most installations are complete, operational, and delivering results within 5 days of the equipment arriving!

As the laundromat market leading chemical injection system, Hydro Perfect Pour is designed to eliminate the maintenance requirements and challenges of traditional chemical injection technologies available for your laundromat today.

  • The technology within Perfect Pour Laundromat Solutions has been operational globally for over 15 years, delivering chemical to industrial tunnel washers and commercial laundry washer machines

In alignment with warranty guidelines, Hydro recommends your Perfect Pour solution is serviced 4 times a year with a checklist of 3 actions that takes approximately a total of 2 hours annually.

  • Please contact us to learn more about maintenance on your Hydro Perfect Pour Solution and how Hydro can support you with our Perfect Pour Maintenance Programs

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