AquaBlend Xtreme

Water-Driven Pump w/ advanced chemical resistance, dilution range (500:1 to 20:1), up to 11 GPM

The AquaBlend Xtreme is a water-driven pump that is resistant to a wide variety of different chemistries that are commonly found in animal health and horticulture applications. Featuring adjustable lower ends, Tool-free maintenance is provided. When you need a pump that can last over 60 million cycles, AquaBlend Xtreme is the answer.


Chemical Delivery Line Cleaning Solutions

Lasts up to 60 Million Cycles Before Maintainance

Toolfree Maintenance Reduces Repair Time by 50%

Adjustable Lower Ends Allow for Multiple Chemistries to Be Used With One Unit Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

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Longer lasting life

Not only is the AquaBlend Xtreme water-driven pump specifically engineered to accurately inject chemistry into water, it lasts up to 60 million cycles before maintenance is required. The pump's advanced chemical resistance allows the pump to last longer in applications where aggressive chemicals are present.

Tool-free maintenance is a standard feature

AquaBlend Xtreme can be repaired without the need for tools. This water-driven pump can be repaired up to 50% less time compared to other water-driven pumps.

The same pump can be used with multiple lower ends

The ability to use the same pump with different lower ends allows the user to switch between different dilution ratios without having to buy a new pump.

AquaBlend ModelPart #NPT/BSPFlow RateInjection RateOperating Pressure 
0.2 - 2%



0.04 - 11 GPM

10 - 2500 L/hr

1:500 - 1:50

0.2 - 2%

5 - 90 psi

0.34 - 6.2 bar

0.8 - 5%



0.04 - 11 GPM

10 - 2500 L/hr

1:128 - 1:20

0.8 - 5%

5 - 90 psi

0.4 - 6.2 bar

KeyPart NoDescription
1HYD011732Kit M - Mounting bracket kit
2HYD017200XTKit H - Motor piston replacement



Body, NPT, PVDF, AquaBlend Xtreme

Body, BSP, PVDF, AquaBlend Xtreme

KeyPart NoDescription
1HYD017210XTKit A: Dosage gasket kit
2HYD017211XTKit B: Wear kit


Kit D: Check valve kit

4HYD017214XTKit E: Wear parts maintenance kit
5HYD017216XTKit G: Complete lower end kit
KeyPart NoDescription
1HYD017220XTKit A: Dosage gasket kit
2HYD017221XTKit B: Wear kit


Kit D: Check valve kit

4HYD017224XTKit E: Wear parts maintenance kit
5HYD17226XTKit G: Complete lower end kit

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Common Questions

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Acetic acid, chlorine (500 ppm or less), and hydrogen peroxide to name just a few. Please check the data sheet for AquaBlend Xtreme for additional chemistries.

Adjustable lower ends are available. Fixed lower ends are not available.

90 psi or 6.2 bar.

100 degrees F. or 38 degrees C.

11 GPM or 2500 l/hr.

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