Venturi Dispenser, wall mounted foaming, up to 2 chemistries, one dispenser

HydroChem dispensers automatically dilute and dispense concentrated cleaning products in a foaming and/or spraying mode and features a high flow rinse mode. The HydroChem is available in two models, the HydroChem 918 and the HydroChem 919. The on/off function of the dispenser can be controlled at the hose end.


Foaming and Spraying Chemical Delivery Vehicle Chemical Dilution

Reduces the cost of ownership since the equipment is manufactured from chemically compatible materials

Benifits One

Utilizes Hydro Systems standard tips that allow for up to 20% better dilution accuracy

Benifits One

Reduces the cost of ownership by 50% since the same dispenser can process more than one chemistry

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Reduces the cost of ownership by 50% since the same dispenser can be process more than one chemistry

HydroChem features the ability to choose between one or two products with a rinse feature. Since a different piece of equipment does not need to be purchased to process a second chemistry, this results in the lower overall cost of ownerhip.

Utilizes Hydro Systems standard tips that allow for up to 20% better dilution accuracy

The use of standard Hydro Systems metering tips allow for more accurate dilution performance that results in more accurate chemical usage. Other products will result in more chemistry than what is needed resulting in wasted chemistry or not enough chemistry is used resulting in the need for a rewash.

Features chemically resistant materials that result in longer lasting equipment

Whether the eductors, metering tips, hoses, or hose hanger, FoamMaster features chemically resistant materials that provide for longer lasting equipment life.

Model #Number of ProductsEducator Flow Rate Rinse Flow RateApproximate Dilution Range 
Max. Min.
*Leaner dilutions possible – contact Customer Service for more information

PARTS LIST (Refer to diagram)

Key #Part NumberDescription
22767-KSwivel connector assembly
3133000Branch tee
4100305003.8" Nipple
610075925Pipe plug
710084080Ball valve
8326001Hose barb,3/80''NPT X 1/2' barb
9608300Hose calmp
1090089429Hose 1/2"ID x 3.88"
13605400Hose hanger
14328900Hose connector adapter
1610084701Hex nipple
1790032510Discharge elbow
18276800Stem, short
19506502Swivel nut
2010069270Check valve, Viton*
214408003.5 GPM eductor
2310027209Metering tip (kit)
24500870-Suction tube, 1/4" x 7'
10072711Mounting hardwarekit
EPDM check valve available: order 10069271
Key # Part Number Description
1238100Strainer washer
22767-KConnector swivel
310091700Brass top manifold
410075925Pipe plug
510084020Ball valve (includes a)
a10088100Yellow handle sleeve
610067810Pipe nipple
74408003.5 GPM eductor
810069270Check valve - Viton*
9506502Swivel nut
10276800Swivel stem, short
1110091710Brass bottom manifold
14605400Hose hanger
1510084701Hex nipple
16326001Hose barb, 3/8"NPTx 1/2' barb
17608300Hose clamp
1890087108Hose, 1/2"1D x 2.88"
1910027209Metering tip kit
20500814Suction tube
21509900Ceramic weight
22609600Foot strainer
*EPDM check valve available: order 10069271

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Yes. There are HydroChem models that can handle two chemistries.

5.0 GPM

Yes. Please check the data sheet for a full line of accessories

It depends on chemical viscosity but it is 512:1 based on chemistry with a viscosity of 1cP.

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