Hydro Connect

Software solution for select hydro dosing systems providing real time alerts & analytics

Hydro Connect is a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform that gives chemical providers and end users increased visibility into their operations, optimizes production, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Hydro Connect utilizes data generated from Hydro’s Central Dosing Systems, currently operating in industrial laundries worldwide.


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Benifits One

Secure IOT platform that offers enhanced reporting and remote monitoring across multiple dispensing applications.

Benifits One

Reduce cost to service and unnecessary site visits through remote configuration capability.

Benifits One

Minimize downtime with real-time notificaitons on costly alarm conditions.

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Scalable solutions across multiple cleaning environments

Hydro Connect transmits data to the cloud in a number of ways, including cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth depending the environment.

Remote configuration

Users can make changes to their central dosing system configuration remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Previously these changes required costly site visits, and now users are reporting up to 90% savings in maintenance costs. Common changes that can be made remotely include adding a formula, changing a dosing amount and switching a unit from flow meter to time mode.

A proven, reliable and secure platform

The Microsoft Azure architecture provides users with a trusted and secure platform, used by hundreds of leading companies across multiple industries for their IoT solutions.

Enhanced knowledge to help run your business

Current Hydro Connect capabilities allow customers and end users to log in and view professional laundry reports in seconds. This reduces time-consuming data uploads, manipulation in Microsoft Excel and the use of a proprietary software package. The flexibility of Hydro Connect makes it a valuable tool for both tactical, day-to-day monitoring and monthly summaries to management.

Alarm reporting

Proactively view alarms to rapidly eliminate abnormal conditions that drive profit loss.

Chemical usage

Simplify and improve the accuracy of your billing procedures with metered usage reports on chemical product and formula.


Eliminate hours of data manipulation and analysis. For a minimal charge, a Hydro expert will review the monthly data and provide recommendations to help reduce rewash and optimize cleaning results.

Real-time dashboard

View washer status, alerts and key productivity metrics in real-time to proactively pinpoint inefficiencies while reducing rewash.

Part NumberCategoryDescription
HYDSPD0013-AT&TNAHardwareNorth American Cellular Modem AT&T (No Data)
HYD-CONNECT-RTBUNDLEServiceMonthly Realtime Plus Cell Data Fee for One Connected Multi-Washer Modem
HYD-CON-TE-RT BUNDLEServiceMonthly Realtime Plus Cell Data Fee for One Connected Total Eclipse Gateway
HYDSPD-MAN-DAY ServiceFee for one day of installation support
HYDCTE-NAM050THardwareConnected TE Gateway - North American model, 50 ft. cable

Hydro Connect – Chemical Admin

Hydro Connect – User Reports

Hydro Connect – Remote Configuration

Hydro Connect – Chemical Admin – Spanish

Hydro Connect – User Reports – Spanish

Hydro Connect – Remote Configuration – Spanish

Hydro Connect – DMx

Hydro Connect – DMx – Spanish

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Hydro Connect improves up time and account retention by alerting customers in real-time if issues exist. It also reduces the cost of service by preventing truck rolls to change settings. All settings can be adjusted or reports viewed from anywhere with an internet connection.

All Multi-Washer units, OPL systems using Connected TE Controller, or the DMx in the Kitchen.

Please contact Hydro Sales Support to be registered with a unique username and password.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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