LL-6000 and LL-80000 System

Peristaltic Pump, Commercial Laundry, 8 Chemistries, Up to 256 oz /min (7,570 mL per min.)

The LM200 dispenser system is a compact, low cost, easy to use dispenser for on premise laundry applications. It includes a washer mounted Controller, a Machine Interface, and a wall mounted Pump Module. It can handle up to 6 laundry chemicals and up to 20 different formulas. It is often paired with our Total Eclipse controller.





Benifits One

Durable peristaltic pumps for large laundry installations.

Benifits One

Stainless steel construction.

Benifits One

Ability to pump up to 2 GPM with air-operated diapragm pumps.

LL-6000 and LL-80000 System Resources

Everything you need all in one place

Handles multiple chemistries

Can handle up to six products

Features high capacity pumps

Ability to pump up to two GPM with air-operated diaphragm pumps

Ease of maintenance

Features quick squeeze tube change that require no special tools

Durable construction

Features a stainless steel construction that extends the life of the unit providing a lower cost of ownership

Part NumberDescription
LL-6340 Three-pump system
LL-6440 Four-pump system
LL-6650 Five-pump system
LL-6660 Six-pump system
LL-6870 Seven-pump system
LL-6880Eight-pump system
Part NumberDescription
LL-84 ABC A = # of H.O. air pumps, B = # of 46 oz./min. pumps, C = # of 18 oz./min. pumps
LL-86 ABC A = # of H.O. air pumps, B = # of 46 oz./min. pumps, C = # of 18 oz./min. pumps
LL-88 ABCA = # of H.O. air pumps, B = # of 46 oz./min. pumps, C = # of 18 oz./min. pumps

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Common Questions

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Usage of LL pumps is in decline due to the EvoClean HF system (pumps up to 51 oz/minute) and Multi-Washer portfolio. There are still some sites with very large dosages (over 1 Gallon) where an LL-80000 pump is needed.

The standard tube for the LL-60000 (40 oz/min) pump is an EPDM tube with an OD of 5/8

The LL-60000 offers a low-flow (18 oz/min) or high-flow (48 oz/min) peristaltic pump. The LL-80000 additionally has an option for a 2 GPM air pump.

You can use a standard Total Eclipse or Connected Total Eclipse.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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