Multi-Washer 10000 Series

Central Dosing System, On-Premise Laundry, Multi-Washer for 10 washers and up to 10 chemistries

Designed to manage chemical dispensing for commercial/industrial laundries, the Multi-Washer 10000 Series offers reliable dosing that can support up to 10 washers and dose up to 10 products within a single system. Flexible and easy to configure, the Multi-Washer 10000 Series utilizes an accurate flowmeter for precise control to reduce rewash and prevent costly overdosing.




On-Premise Commercial Industrial Automatic Chemical Delivery

A single system that accurately doses up to 10 products for 10 large washers.

Proof of delivery using an accurate flowmeter

Real-time metrics and remote configuration capability through Hydro Connect.

Multi-Washer 10000 Series Resources

Everything you need all in one place

Alarm reporting

Proactively view alarms to rapidly eliminate abnormal conditions that drive profit loss.


Eliminate the use of out-of-date paper logs to document the weight or number of loads run in your facility.

Chemical usage

Simplify and improve the accuracy of your billing procedures with metered usage reports on chemical product and formula.

Chemical cost control

Quickly access a snapshot of the chemical cost by formula to actively manage and improve unprofitable formulas or accounts.


Eliminate hours of data manipulation and analysis. For a minimal charge, a Hydro expert will review the monthly data and provide recommendations to help reduce rewash and optimize cleaning results.

Real-Time dashboard

View washer status, alerts and key productivity metrics in real-time to proactively pinpoint inefficiencies while reducing rewash.

Multi-Washer 10000 Series 1-ChannelMulti-Washer 10000 Series 2-Channel
HYDSPD0037 - 4 WashersHYDSPD0038 - 4 WashersHYDSPD0039 - 4 Washers
HYDSPD0022 - 6 WashersHYDSPD0023 - 6 WashersHYDSPD0028 - 6 Washers
HYDSPD0024 - 8 WashersHYDSPD0025 - 8 WashersHYDSPD0029 - 8 Washers
HYDSPD0026 - 10 WashersHYDSPD0027 - 10 WashersHYDSPD0030 - 10 Washers

Hydro Connect – Chemical Admin

Hydro Connect – User Reports

Hydro Connect – Remote Configuration

Hydro Connect – Chemical Admin – Spanish

Hydro Connect – User Reports – Spanish

Hydro Connect – Remote Configuration – Spanish

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It can support 10 products up to 10 washers, has a large 1GPM pump, and a color touchscreen for local changes

Yes, Hydro Connect comes standard and enables real-time reporting and remote configuration changes

Air assist is optional with the MW-10000 and is typically used when distances to the washer are over 10 meters.

Yes, every channel has a paddlewheel or elliptical gear flowmeter to accurately measure and control dosing.

MW units are purchased through Hydro. Please contact sales support.

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