Depletion Wands

Accessory enabling simple connection between a chemical drum and up to 3 dispensers.

Depletion wands simplify laundry installations by allowing quick connections between a single chemical drum and up to three laundry dispensers. In addition to limiting chemical spills and increasing the efficiency of replenishing product drums, the depletion wands come equipped with a float switch that can detect and alert users to costly out-of-product conditions.


On-Premise Commercial Industrial Warewashing

Simplify the connection of multiple dispensers (up to 3) to the chemical containers.

Detect and prevent costly out of product conditions.

Flexible portfolio to cover most common global chemical container sizes.

Depletion Wands Resources

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Application simplicity

Simplify installs and the process of changing out empty chemical containers with a 3-way depletion wand

Out of product notification

Detect costly out of product conditions with a built-in low level float sensor

Safe operation

Maximize operator safety utilizing a spring on each tube and strain relief to prevent operator tube disconnection while in use

Full size range

Full range of sizes to fit different chemical containers, including 10L, 20L, 60L & 200L. Suitable for laundries of all sizes

Model numbers

DescriptionDiameter (mm)Length (mm)Drum Size (L) / (G)Valve material
HYDDW10L380380D3AFF3838010 / 2.5Aflas
HYDDW20L380500D3AFF3850020 / 5Aflas
HYDDW20L0500D3EPF4850020 / 5EP
HYDDW60L0650D3EPF4865060 / 16EP
HYDDW200L1016D3EPF481016200 / 53EP
Part NumberDescriptionPack size
HYD10099107Umbrella valve cartridge kit (EPDM)3
HYD10099108Dust cap kit5

No files found.

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Common Questions

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They use a simple float switch (2 wires) that is emersed in the chemical.

Wands are available for 10L, 20L, 60L and 200L chemical containers with AFLAS or EPDM check valve materials depending on what chemical is used.

Depletion wands allow multiple dispensers (up to 3) to cleanly be connected to a chemical drum, simplifying install and product changeovers. The depletion wand also uses a float switch to detect out of product conditions.

Hydro sells a low level alarm that gives visual and audible indication of which product is out. The low level alarm can accommodate up to 8 depletion wands.

Please check the locator associated with the Hydro website.

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