Venturi Dispenser, wall mounted on small footprint, 1 Chemistry w/ 1 Dispenser

Get chemical dispensing that offers the right dose for the right price and in the right size! RiteDose is the latest in the line of chemical dilution equipment offered by Hydro Systems. It utilizes patent pending RiteFlex chemical dilution technology to accurately dilute concentrated chemicals with water.

Available in EU only


Filling Mop Buckets Filling Sinks Filling Spray Bottles

Utilizes Hydro Systems tips that allow for up to 20% better dilution accuracy

Ability to link multiple dispensers together allows for the total cost of ownership reduction by 20%

Reduces the cost of ownership since the equipment is manufactured from chemically compatible materials

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Utilizes Hydro Systems standard tips that allow for up to 20% better dilution accuracy

The use of standard Hydro Systems metering tips allow for more accurate dilution performance that results in more accurate chemical usage. Other products will result in more chemistry than what is needed resulting in wasted chemistry or not enough chemistry is used resulting in the need to reclean.

Ability to link multiple dispensers together reduces your operating costs

By linking multiple RiteDose dispensers together, you are able to expand or contract the number of chemicals that your system can process. Pay for exactly what you need and lower your cost of ownership with RiteDose by up to 20%.

Chemical compatibility with a wide range of chemicals

Reduces the cost of ownership since RiteDose features surfaces that come into contact with dispensed chemistries that are highly resistant. As a result, RiteDose will operate for a very long time before maintenance is required.

Part No.Description
HYD-RDO-BBBRiteDose Bucket Fill
HYD-RDO-SBBRiteDose Bottle Fill

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Yes. There is an extension piece available that can hook up multiple units.

The inlet fitting is attached using a clip.

128:1 ratio.

BSP connection only.

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